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Brazuca now available at HSN!

Posted By Admin On 27th Mar 2011 @ 7:51 AM

ConclusionHSN   This one is for the football enthusiasts! Anyone looking for the official FIFA Brazuca footballs can now purchase them through our very own HomeShopping.pk online store!   No matter which team you might be supporting, one thing to be proud about looking at this world cup is the fact that the balls being used are made in Pakistan! This has also been highlighted in international news and also the comparison with the previous ball, the Jabulani about which many players complained as its aerodynamics were not good which made the ball unpredictable. The Brazuca is a lot better, according to tests which were done by NASA. So much so that they have said that it is the best football ever made!   The Adidas Brazuca is available for Rs. 13,990 for customers to buy through HomeShopping.pk. If you're planning to get one but couldn't find it elsewhere or couldn't find the official ball at least can easily order it online now!   Of course, this ball would be as a show piece instead of a playing ball because you don't buy such an expensive ball to play with it, you could easily get a cheaper one to play with in the local market! So are you guys going to order one while it's still in stock? I know I am! Keep visiting for more updates!