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Top 05 Photography Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Skill

Posted By Saman On 28th Jan 2019 @ 6:57 PM

"A photograph is not made in the camera but on either side of it." - Edward Steichen


Photography is rather a skill than a natural talent. A perfect photograph comes from its lighting, composition, subject, and arrangement. One can easily master the art of photography by just applying few tips and tricks while learning and practicing.

Below is my personal photography skills list that can transform a normal picture into a breathtaking portrait.

1.  Effective use of light: Light plays a vital role in a photograph. Lighting determines not only the brightness and darkness, but also the tone, mood, and atmosphere. To get the finest texture, vibrancy of color, and luminosity of subjects, we must manipulate the light in the best ways possible. It is very important to identify the angle at which the source of light should be kept so that when the light falls on a subject, it shapes it as real as possible. Side lighting produces a dramatic and brightly distinctive image eliminating the flat light effect that is caused when light is originated from behind the camera.


2.  Role of a tripod: Tripod works as a stabilizer of a camera that prevents the blurry images as a result of your hand movements. Tripod produces a more balanced and a sharper image minimizing the risk of unwanted elements in the frame.


3.  Controlling the focus: It is very important to get your camera focused on exactly the point you want to be sharp. Set your camera to its single-point autofocus mode, rather than the multiple or automatic selection so that you have control over the focus point. Focus can enhance the luminosity of a subject by making it stand out.


4.  Adjustment in Saturation: In many scenes you'll find that some colors are much more saturated than others, especially reds and greens, so rather than simply adjusting the saturation of the whole image, you can also target individual colors using the Hue/Saturation control. Finer incremental adjustments can effectively reduce unwanted color casts providing a satisfying color boost.


5.  Defining ‘your style’: If you stick to your own photography style, the images become consistent and boring over a period of time. Read photography books, attend exhibits, and browse photography portfolios online.