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List of Top Essentials for Women Bags

Posted By Saman On 4th Feb 2019 @ 3:33 PM

Women today face many challenges as they juggle both their family lives and their careers. It is therefore necessary that women ensure that they have a purse essentials list.


Personal hygiene plays a very important role in one's life. It is absolutely imperative that every woman has a good long-wearing deodorant in her purse at all times while keeping a box of mints can help you maintain fresh breath on the go.


Everyone has a unique sense of style which can be enhanced. A watch, a signature lipstick, perfume and a pair of durable sunglasses are the things to put in your purse. A good water-resistant watch like (insert watch) can keep you on track throughout your day while a lipstick shade that compliments you skin tone, like (insert  products), can make you feel and look better than ever. People tend to associate a scent with its wearer and selecting a signature scent for yourself can make you stand out of the crowd and always on everyone’s mind. On days when you feel extra tired, (product) ‘s concealer can reduce puffiness under your eyes and hide your acne scars!




While your outer appearance matters, your skin needs your attention too! Keeping a deep-hydrating moisturiser and a lip balm will keep you looking younger and well rested while a suitable UV protect sunblock, like … , will keep your skin away from damage and are must keep handbag essentials.


Long days outside the house means that you need to carry a long lasting phone battery to keep track of all the news, events and work. A high-capacity portable power bank, like (product-permalink) is the way to go! 


Everyday bag essentials can make the day to day life easier by removing one more decision off the table and HomeShopping helps you in making that decision easier at every step.