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Your Childhood Redefined

Posted By Fatima On 19th Mar 2019 @ 1:01 PM


All those born between 1990- 2000 experienced a transition from playgrounds to digital forms of learning and entertainment. We are the only generation who have collectively experienced it all. Here we enclose all those flashes of your memorable moments. 


1. Floating Rings

We did not need electricity nor did we need any cells. It was just about pushing 2 buttons. On a lazy day, even just tilting the device would do the job.



2. Brick Game

Every night, under the blanket, we tried so hard to beat our highest scores. Sometimes mom would catch us red handed and take our ‘mobile’ away for the night.


3.Classic 3D Pinball

The most physics we would had ever seen being applied to a virtual game. It was basically designed to gauge our reflexes, index finger dexterity, and tolerance for pain. Its sound effects were so intense, that they would satisfy our urge of playing action games



4. Snakes

One of the most addictive games of all time and the sole reason our parents could never find their Nokia mobile phones twenty years ago. No other snakes game has yet cannibalized our love for this reptile. Simplicity was its beauty!



5. Bounce Ball

This was not just a puzzle bounce ball game of where to jump or which direction to take. You had just two lives and a lot of spiky dangers. If the size was not appropriate the ball might just drown and die. You had to bounce your way to victory!



6. Pac man

It wasn’t just limited to our computer screens. This cute little yellow ball was found on our pillows, shirts, and even mugs. This game had made its way within our minds, hearts, and homes. It wasn’t just a game, it was culture!



7. Spider solitaire

The main motivation to win this game was that satisfying card bouncing pattern at the end. Even after winning the game we would stay put on our seats to experience that satisfying pattern.



8. Dragon’s lair

Who says that the boys never liked fairy tales? Even us boys aspired to be that valiant knight who rescues the princess  from the treacherous monsters, dark wizard, and the evil monster. And this was where our dreams came true!



9. Super Mario

The graphics weren’t all that attractive but we would gladly spend a good five hours merely racing virtual go-karts. However, now it has evolved with us from a racing game, to a word puzzle, to action game. This series has covered all our interests.