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3D Printer 2 Extruders Based on MakerBot Replicator

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Product Description

Double nozzle - 3D Printer

Plus 3D printer is not only known for it's robust design and portability, but also it's print quality and intelligent use of support material. 

This printer comes assembled and ready to use. Unbox, install the software onto a Windows or Mac OS computer and you could be printing in 15 minutes! 

"3D printing is very cool stuff- a step towards a Star Tek style replicator in every home and bus shelter" Gizmodo, May 2012 

The CTC 3DPRINTER has a well earned reputation for being one of the best 3D desktop printers on the American market and is perfectly suited for not only professional applications like prototyping, for the home hobbyists and for the classroom. Wether you want to print functional, durable and commercial products; beautiful objects, for the home or office; or you are wanting to utilise a 3D printer in an educational setting within the primary, high school or university classroom; the UP's ease of use and reliability make it perfect for work, school or play.

3D printer basic properties:
Printers total volume: 320 * 467 * 381mm
Packing size: 565 * 430 * 535mm
Weight (including packaging), 15KG
Building Size: 225 * 145 * 150mm
Input voltage: 110v/220V
Platforming temperature: about 120 (proper heating in winter, 
cool in summer appropriate)
Extrusion nozzle flow is about 24cc / hour
Supported operating systems: Windows XP Windows7
Software: ReplicatorG or west to Chinese Version
Print materials: ABS, PLA
Material properties: non-industrial level of 3D printers and 
PCL ABS material with a diameter of 1.75mm
Layer accuracy: 0.1mm-0.5mm Positioning accuracy: XY axis 
0.011mm filament diameter: Z axis 0.0025mm nozzle diameter: 
Movement axis speed: 30mm/s_100mm/s
Recommended nozzle moving speed :35-40 mm / s
Input file types: stl, gcode
West Electronic Co., Ltd. 3D printer service provision

Working of eVOLUTION:

The movements on eVOLUTION is regulated by 3.5 Kg.cm steppers and timing belt of 5.08 Pitch with comparing pulleys is utilized here, Smooth development of X, Y and Z axis is preconfigured in factory, absolute calibration is made for accurate Movements of X, Y and Z axes steppers.

The Machine Requires 12 DC 5 Amps power supply to power on the Printer, needs USB A-B cable to interface and Interact with PC, Gen6 Electronics is utilized here with our standard and straightforward print programming, therefore make 3d printed Parts with Accuracy and exceedingly Reliable. It can prepare Shell printing, Linear, Line printing effects in Top Quality 3D Printing. Print speed may be variable consistent with the Prints you needed.

Advantages of eVOLUTION:

eVOLUTION is designed for low maintenance system, which requires only minimal maintenance.The usual tool precautions apply to our 3d printers. Treat it with respect and it will perform at it’s peak. For lubrication, just wipe bearing shafts with a soft, light, soft cloth every month, to keep them shiny. Put a drop of light sewing machine-type oil on yzy threaded rods and slide bearings every month. Hot end tip life depends on proper heat regulation. For best life, simply run the hot end at the lowest possible temperature. Heating elements and extrusion tips can be replaced and repaired or just new ones screwed on. Buy our inexpensive propitiatory specially mixed PLA for best print head life. The printer box is very tough and should keep it’s calibration well. Re-calibration is however quite easy.

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