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Apple iWork '08 - Old Version MA790Z/A

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Product Description

With iWork '08, you get three easy-to-use applications in one package. Pages offers powerful word processing and page layout with 140 Apple-designed templates--and all the writing and graphics tools you need to create beautiful documents. Keynote lets you effortlessly create stunning presentations, complete with Apple-designed themes, cinema-quality animations, and voiceover narration. The innovative new Numbers makes it easier than ever to create compelling spreadsheets for everything from family budgets and event planning to invoices and complex financial reports. And all three applications give you import and export compatibility with Microsoft Office. So whatever you need to communicate, do it beautifully with iWork '08.


Writing comes naturally when you're using Pages '08, the streamlined word processor for the Mac.

Pages. Word processing never looked this good.

Jump-start your next writing project by opening one of the engaging Apple-designed templates.

If you collaborate with others, you'll find the new change tracking tools invaluable.

With the free-form canvas, you can move photos, charts, shapes, and other objects wherever you like.

Import your Microsoft Word documents into Pages '08 with ease.

New in Pages '08.
Letters, reports, resumes, brochures, newsletters, business cards--whatever you write, Pages '08 offers an intuitive way to create beautiful, media-rich documents. With two distinct modes, one for word processing and one for page layout, Pages puts the tools you need right at your fingertips. Powerful page layout tools offer complete control of where objects appear and how text flows, letting you create impressive newsletters, brochures, and flyers. Whether you start with one of more than 140 Apple-designed templates or a blank page, creating beautiful documents is quick and easy with Pages '08. 

Get started in minutes.
Beautiful Apple-designed templates. Immediate access to your media. Powerful graphics tools. Tables. Stunning 2D and 3D charts. Pages '08 provides the tools you need to create elegant documents that communicate superbly.

More than 140 templates.
Jump-start your next writing project by opening one of the engaging Apple-designed templates. Pages includes more than 80 word processing templates and more than 60 page layout templates.

Your media just a click away.
Thanks to the built-in Media Browser, you can browse your iPhoto or Aperture libraries. When you find a photo you like, just drag it into your Pages document. Powerful graphics tools let you make image adjustments, add frames or masks, or remove backgrounds.

Tables that click.
With a single click, you can add a table to your Pages document. Format numbers in table cells for currency or dates. Enter simple calculations using cell references. Even apply functions such as sum and average.

Charts paint a beautiful picture.
It's easy to create 2D and 3D pie, line, bar, column, area, and scatter charts. Just pick the one that fits your needs. You can customize charts by adding a realistic texture, controlling the lighting, or rotating them.

Writing the Mac way.
Writing comes naturally when you use Pages '08. The most intuitive word processing application on the Mac, Pages puts the tools you need within easy reach. Now writing is as easy and enjoyable as using a Mac.

All the tools you need.
The new context-sensitive Format Bar lets you add a personal touch to your document's appearance. Choose fonts, set leading and alignment, and apply paragraph and character styles. All the basics--just a click away.

Pages automatically formats lists on the fly and generates tables of contents on demand. You can insert headers and footers and add footnotes. Apply polish to your documents using the proofing and editing tools. And navigate quickly through even the longest documents with page thumbnails.

Powerful page layout.
Newsletters. Brochures. Flyers. When you want to switch from writer to designer, Pages provides the layout tools you need. Suddenly it's easy to build beautiful, media-rich documents certain to impress readers.

Complete layout control.
Produce documents that look exactly the way you envision them. With the free-form canvas, you can move photos, charts, shapes, and other objects wherever you like. And place them precisely using the built-in rulers and alignment guides.

Control text wrapping.
To add a photo to a page, simply drag it from the Media Browser and drop it into your document. Turn on Wrap to control how text flows around the photo. Use the format bar to set text to wrap to the left or right, around, or above and below images.

Follow the flow of text.
New to Pages, visual text box links let you follow the flow of text through your document. Say an article starts on page two and jumps to page five. Text links track it and let you see at a glance if you have more copy to place. All it takes is a click to create a new text box into which the remaining text flows.

Widely compatible.
Pages '08 supports industry-standard formats, so you can easily open documents created in other word processing applications and share documents with others. Whether they're using a Mac or a PC.

Open for business.
Import your Microsoft Word documents into Pages '08 with ease. Whether they're Microsoft Office 2007 (Office Open XML) or earlier Word files, Pages will open them. Pages imports not only the text, but also the styles, tables, inline and floating objects, charts, footnotes, endnotes, bookmarks, hyperlinks, lists, sections, change tracking, and other elements of your original Word document.

Pages '08 also opens AppleWorks word processing documents, as well as files saved in Rich Text Format (RTF). It imports a wide assortment of audio (AAC, AIFF, and MP3), image (EPS, JPEG, PNG, PDF, PSD), video (MOV), and other media types.

Getting the word out.
When it's time to share Pages documents with friends and colleagues, you can export them as PDF documents, in Word .doc format, as RTF, or as plain text documents. Or send your documents to iWeb for publication on your website as Pages '08 or PDF documents. (For the former, readers will need a copy of Pages; for the latter, Preview or Adobe Reader.)

Create absolutely stunning, cinema-quality presentations more easily than ever before.

Keynote. Cinema-quality presentations for everyone.

New in Keynote '08
Want to create presentations that light up the screen--and the audience? Keynote '08 makes it easy to capture everyone's attention from the first slide to the last. Get started in seconds with stunning Apple-designed themes. Apply cinema-quality animated transitions and builds with drag-and-drop ease. Add another dimension to your presentation with photos, music, and video from the iLife media browser. Record voiceover narration for your slideshow and put on a great presentation even when you're not there. With Keynote '08, you've have all the tools you need to make an amazing presentation amazingly simple.

Get started in minutes.
Professionally designed templates. Superb organizational tools. Dynamic tables. Elegant 2D and 3D charts. Even comments to jog your memory. Keynote '08 provides the tools to get you started, stay on track, and cross the finish line.

A theme party.
An impressive collection of more than 35 Apple-designed themes means you can create a cinema-quality presentation in minutes--even if you're using Keynote for the first time. Each theme has multiple slide masters with coordinated fonts, textures, and layouts for bullets, charts, images, and more.

Navigate with ease.
With the powerful Slide Navigator and Light Table in Keynote, you can efficiently organize your presentation. Both tools make it easy to review and scroll through slides. Handy controls even let you increase or decrease thumbnail size.

Dynamic tables and stunning charts.
With a single click, you can add a table to any slide. Fill cells with text, graphics, or photos. Format numbers for currency or dates. Or add a calculation--even aggregate functions like Sum--and let Keynote do the math. It's just as easy to add 2D and 3D bar, line, and area charts complete with realistic textures.

An impressive collection of more than 35 Apple-designed themes means you can create a cinema-quality presentation in minutes.

Create images you need on the spot using predrawn shapes. Customize the standard shapes in a variety of ways.

Give a presentation without being there using the new built-in recording tool.

Keynote imports presentations created in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 (Office Open XML) as well as earlier versions.

Powerful graphic tools.
Keynote '08 offers a wide selection of easy-to-use tools that let you include rich graphics in your presentations--even if you don't have a graphics department helping you.

Precise alignment tools.
Place text, photos, and other objects precisely where you'd like them to appear using vertical and horizontal rulers. Turn on alignment guides and Keynote offers dynamic feedback, letting you align an object with the center or edge of an existing object.

Easy access to photos and more.
You already have some great media assets to include in your presentation. Using the built-in Media Browser, you can browse and preview the photos in your iPhoto or Aperture libraries, the movies in your Movies folder, and the music in your iTunes library, and add them to your presentation.

Great adjustment tools.
Built-in imaging tools let you adjust photos till they're picture perfect. Without leaving Keynote '08, you can resize and rotate photos, add a reflection or a shadow, and even remove backgrounds with the new Instant Alpha.

Get into shapes.
Create images you need on the spot using predrawn shapes. Customize the standard shapes in a variety of ways. Or grab a pen and draw BŽzier curves and other shapes with perfectly smooth edges. You can even use shapes for photo masking.

Put your ideas in motion.
Get used to the unwavering attention of your audience. Keynote '08 lets you capture their interest with cinema-quality animations and effects that are sophisticated yet easy to create.

Show-stopping transitions.
As you move from one slide to the next, keep their eyes riveted to the screen using more than 25 transitions, including Confetti, Blur, and swap. You can control duration, delay, direction, and other transition effects.

Text that sizzles.
Once you have their attention, keep it with amazing text and object animations. Make words drop like confetti. Build your slide one bullet, table row, or chart series at a time. Or have it all appear at once, entering stage left or bursting suddenly into flame.

Spectacular animations built smart.
With Keynote, you don't have to be a graphic designer to create eye-popping animations. Thanks to Smart Builds, you can add compelling animations in seconds. Simply drag photos into the drop zone and define Action parameters, including direction, angle, and perspective.

Going from A to B.
Keynote helps you tackle advanced animations--like defining an animation path and setting the timing of the animation as an object moves from point to point or along a smooth BŽzier curve. Want to change its opacity as it moves? That's easy, too.

Flexible delivery options.
Whether you plan to give your presentation in person or have your audience view it on a kiosk or an iPod, Keynote '08 provides you with a variety of ways to deliver presentations to audiences of any size.

Built-in voiceover recording.
Give a presentation without being there. Using the new built-in recording tool, Keynote captures your audio voiceover and timing as you step through builds or move from one slide to the next.

Save presentations as interactive slideshows that allow viewer participation. By embedding hyperlinks in next and previous buttons, you can let a viewer move effortlessly through a presentation.

Present with total confidence.
If you present to a live audience, you can do so with total confidence thanks to Presenter Display. While your presentation appears on the main display for your audience, you can see the current and next slides, your slide notes, a clock, and a timer on a second display.

New delivery options.
To reach a wide audience, export your Keynote presentation directly to YouTube, send it to iTunes, or post it on your website with iWeb. Or use GarageBand to include your slides in a video podcast.

Easy to share.
Keynote '08 lets you import PowerPoint and AppleWorks presentations and share your presentations with others, by exporting them as PowerPoint presentations or a variety of other formats.

Open to possibilities.
Versatile in so many ways, Keynote imports presentations created in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 (Office Open XML) as well as earlier versions. It also imports AppleWorks presentation documents.

Keynote is open to a wide variety of media types, including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD, EPS, PDF, AIFF, MP3, AAC, MOV, and others.

Thoughts to share.
Once you've completed your presentation, you can share it with colleagues who use Windows by exporting your presentation in .ppt format for use in Microsoft PowerPoint. You can also export it as a QuickTime movie, a Flash movie, or as a PDF, HTML, or image file.

Introducing Numbers, the familiar yet revolutionary new spreadsheet application.

Numbers. Spreadsheets the Mac way.

New in Numbers '08.
Introducing Numbers '08, the spreadsheet you've been waiting for--and already know how to use. Innovative, powerful, and intuitive, Numbers '08 lets you do everything from setting up your family budget to completing a lab report to creating detailed financial documents.

Intelligent tables.
Turning the tables on other spreadsheet programs, Numbers '08 offers a fundamentally better way to organize data and manage lists. And it goes a step further by establishing an entirely new paradigm with its innovative and intelligent tables.

Easy table setup.
Because each Numbers table has its own grid of rows and columns, you can format each table independently to solve specific needs. Adding, moving, and adjusting row and column size has no effect on other tables. And making those adjustments is easy. Grow your table by grabbing a table corner and pulling it to the right for more columns or down for more rows.

On each table's address tabs, you'll find pull-down menus containing frequently used tools for adding, deleting, hiding, or sorting rows and columns in the row and column reference tabs. A handy Format Bar offers one-click data formatting.

Highly flexible.
Traditional spreadsheets lock you into a rigid matrix of rows and columns. Numbers lets you create multiple resizable tables on a flexible canvas. Each table is a fully functional spreadsheet that can consist of hundreds of cells or just a few. Add a header or a footer row for summary calculations with a single click.

Navigate quickly and easily.
Because Numbers lists every sheet, table, and chart as an outline in the Sheets pane, it's easy to swiftly navigate through your document.

An impressive collection of more than 35 Apple-designed themes means you can create a cinema-quality presentation in minutes.

Create images you need on the spot using predrawn shapes. Customize the standard shapes in a variety of ways.

Give a presentation without being there using the new built-in recording tool.

Numbers imports spreadsheets created in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 (Office Open XML) as well as earlier versions.

Analyzing data intuitively.
From entering formulas to filtering data sets to creating "what if" scenarios, Numbers '08 offers new ways to interact with and analyze the data in your spreadsheets.

Highly calculating.
Numbers comes with more than 150 ready-to-use functions. Adding one is as simple as dropping it into a cell. And when you create tables with header rows and columns, Numbers uses the data you enter in header cells to create cell names like "2007 Gross Sales" instead of "L26."

What if?
Numbers offers a variety of novel data input methods, allowing you to format cells as sliders or steppers. These offer a great option for "what if" scenarios, letting you quickly change variables and immediately see the results.

Add data from Address Book.
Why enter data contact by contact? Working seamlessly with Address Book, Numbers lets you drag a list of contacts from Address Book into a table. In minutes, you're working with data rather than entering it.

Predictable sorting and filtering.
Easily organize and analyze lists of data. With Numbers, you can sort complete rows in a table by column, or filter rows based on the numerical, text, or date values in their cells.

Impressive results fast.
With its flexible templates and a powerful set of easy-to-use tools, Numbers '08 lets you build exceptional spreadsheets--impressive to look at and simple to understand--in minutes.

Apple-designed templates.
You can be crunching numbers quickly if you start with one of the Apple-designed templates that come with Numbers. Templates include preconfigured tables and charts with built-in formulas and sample data.

Control the way your spreadsheet looks.
Numbers lets you arrange tables, charts, text, and graphics anywhere on its free-form canvas. Design the perfect spreadsheet using alignment guides, rulers, masking, and other tools.

Add a slide of iLife.
Turn your spreadsheets into persuasive documents. Use the built-in Media Browser to browse and preview your photos, movies, and music. Then drag the files you want into your spreadsheet.

Stylish tables, impressive charts.
Each Numbers spreadsheet comes with a list of predesigned styles that make it easy to create beautifully formatted tables. You can add 2D and 3D charts with a single click, customizing them with more than 20 sets of chart textures.

Print without surprises.
When it's time to print a spreadsheet, use the interactive print view to scale and arrange your document to print exactly as you like.

Widely compatible.
Numbers '08 gets along famously with Microsoft Excel, letting you import Excel spreadsheets and export Numbers '08 documents for Excel users.

Numbers excels at Excel.
Numbers handily imports spreadsheets created in earlier Excel formats, as well as Excel 2007 documents created in new Office Open XML formats.

If you have AppleWorks documents, you can give them a brand-new home in Numbers. They import quickly so you can take advantage of all the flexibility and power of Numbers '08.

Parlez-vous "OFX"?
Truly multilingual, Numbers imports documents in many common file formats. That includes text documents saved in Comma Separated Values (CSV), tab-delimited files. And you can even drop onto your Numbers table Address Book cards, and Open Financial Exchange format files.

Sharing your spreadsheets.
Since you can export spreadsheets created in Numbers in the Excel .xls format. Excel users on either a Mac or Windows PC can open your exported Numbers documents.

You can also export your documents in PDF or CSV format. If you'd like to publish your spreadsheets on the Internet, send them to iWeb as a PDF or Numbers document.

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