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Lepow POKI 5000 mAh Power Bank white



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Product Description

“Unlike other power banks that are square, the Poki has a very unique design that emphasizes simplicity and lightness with a thin, unibody construction and edges that come to a point”

Poki features a smooth, flat, high-grade rubberized outer material that provides protection and a comfortable grip. It has a unibody construction that strengthens and simplifies the product.

1.Modern and elegant design with a serene feeling. 

  • Slim design that fits easily into small bags and backpacks

2.Battery life is indicated by a simple swipe of the finger on the long metal strip. 

  • Slide finger sensor to check for battery life

3.Intelligent battery cell ensures a stable performance and provides safe use.

  • Uses lithium polymer batteries

4.Perfect compatibility and high conversion rate.

  • Fast output and input of 2.1A
  • Conversion rate up to 90%

Available in 3 Colors

White, Yellow, Blue




Why did Lepow choose this kind of design? 

With this slightly elongated design that gets thinner at the bottom of the product, it can be easily slipped into a backpack or purse. The slightly rounded surface and sides gives it more of an ergonomic grip as well for comfort and ease. (include what kind of material it is)

Why did you use a slide sensor to check for battery life? 

By sliding the finger along the sensor, it can check for battery life with 1 LED light representing 10% battery life. There is no external charger like it as this is the first time a touch sensor is being used.

What is the input and output of Poki? 

With a fast output and input of 2.1A,It can fully charge the iPhone 5S in 1.3 hours, the Samsung S4 in 1.7 hours. It also has a faster recharging of time of 5 hours!

How high is the conversion rate? 

The Poki has a very high conversion rate of up to 90%. Anything higher than 80% conversion rate is a good battery; however we wanted to take it to the next level.

What’s great about lithium polymer batteries?

Firstly, they are safer to use and has better quality than lithium ions. Also,they are easier to mold in any capacity,enabling us to make a slim 10000mAh external charger. In addition,lithium polymer batteries also last longer.


Cell type




Operating temp




Output voltage


Input voltage (Threshold)

5.0V± 0.25V

Output current


Input voltage


Input voltage (Standard)


Input current

2100mA = 2.1A

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