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Blood Bowl PSP



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Product Description

Blood Bowl is a video game based on Games Workshop's table top game of the same name. The game focuses on the brutal sport of Blood Bowl: a team game which resembles a primitive version of American Football, except many teams use the game as an excuse to pummel their rivals into the ground with a spiked fist.  Originally released for the PC on June 25th, 2009 to above-average reviews, the Xbox 360followed January 26th, 2010 to generally poor reviews.  There is a PSP and Nintendo DS version of the game in development for North America though already released in Europe.
In Blood Bowl the player chooses a team to play as from one of eight races: Humans, Wood ElvesDwarvesOrcs,GoblinsChaosSkaven and Lizardmen. Each team has it's own unique playing style, special players and tactics. For example the Skaven are a team of rat -like humanoids who excel at the running and passing game. Skaven Gutterrunner's are quick and stealthy but are fragile and prone to being knocked out or, worse still, killed. Storm Vermin provide some much needed muscle to back up the average Linerats who are nimble but again fragile. To bolster their defense the Skaven can employ a Rat Ogre, a towering beast which can easily stomp an opposing lineman into the ground but is prone to stupidity, making it unreliable. Rounding out the line-up is the thrower, the most reliable quarterback player in the team.

The campaign season is the real heart of the Blood Bowl game. Picking a team and managing them through thick and thin. You'll want a team that's built to last (unless you're playing as Goblins!) so it isn't a good idea to spend your start-up money on position players and neglect having a solid base of linemen. Linemen are the backbone of any team and it's good to get them established early on so they can learn the skills they'll need to start being really useful later on. As a manager you'll have to be careful about what games you put your team up for, a starting Skaven team might easily be able to beat Orcs, but keep playing against Orcs and you will see the losses begin to stack up as more and more of your players get taken out of the game by the superior Orc brawn. When your players get injured, and it is a WHEN, they may be lucky enough to only have concussion and have to miss the next match but if you're really unlucky a player could pick up a Niggling injury which he will carry with him for the rest of his career. Niggling injuries can sometimes chafe meaning the playing can start missing matches quite frequently, sometimes it's best to retire the player to the coaching staff. 

Version Feature Differences 

All of the platforms that Blood Bowl is available for contain wildly different features.  The most complete is the PC version, containing both Classic and Blitz play modes, superior graphics, full online league support, and the extra Dark Elf race.  The 360 version sacrifices graphical quality, squad customization, and online league support while keeping the Campaign and Blitz mode.  Players must export their custom squads in order to play on Xbox Live with anything but the standard starting teams instead of getting to use and grow a team like in the full online PC league.  The PSP sacrifices additional graphical quality, the real-time Blitz mode, and online multiplayer.  The DS version is the lowest quality, removing the team-based campaign and only allowing simple competitions.  In short, the DS version is simply not recommended.

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