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Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 Hi-Fi Speakers (Pair)

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Product Description

B&W MM-1 speakers
MM-1 computer speakers not only bring your computer's music collection to life, they also make watching movies or playing games a more sonically rewarding experience.
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B&W MM-1 speakers
MM-1 are near-field monitors designed to sound best where you will use them – close to where you are sitting.
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MM-1 computer speakers

Once they were for filling out spreadsheets and typing letters. Now computers are used for almost everything: socialising, playing games, listening to music, watching videos. So it seems a shame that deskbound entertainment fans have always had to make do with sub-standard audio, either from a computer's built-in speakers or poor quality monitors. No longer. MM-1 brings true hi-fi quality sound to your desktop for the first time, giving your computer the audio it deserves.

Accurate sound

Most computer speakers have to make do with just one drive unit to handle the full spectrum of frequencies. Not so with the MM-1. Just like a full-size speaker, it has two drivers, one dedicated to bass and midrange frequencies and another for the treble. So there's a reason why MM-1 reproduces sound with the accuracy of a true hi-fi speaker: that's exactly what it is.

Near-field monitors

All hi-fi set ups have a sweet spot - the area in the listening space where music sounds at its best. With full size hi-fi, that area is usually some distance away from the speakers. So Bowers & Wilkins has made some electronic adjustments to the MM-1 to make sure the sweet spot is where you are: a few feet from the computer screen. You'll always be right in the middle of the action.

B&W MM-1 speakers
MM-1 acts as an off-board sound card, which, when fed via USB, bypasses the soundcard on your computer, delivering pristine sound every time.
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B&W MM-1 speakers
Instead of using one drive unit per speaker as some computer monitors do, MM-1 has dedicated treble and mid/bass drivers for fuller, more controlled audio.
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Advanced technology

Some of Bowers & Wilkins' most pioneering technology has found its way into the MM-1. The tweeters, for example, incorporate the tube-loaded design first developed for the famous Nautilus speakers, which dampens resonance and produces purer high frequency sounds. You'll find the same technology in Bowers & Wilkins' studio-standard speakers, used by the likes of Abbey Road Studios.

Digital Signal Processing

There's an art to producing a big sound from small speakers. And Bowers & Wilkins has mastered it, thanks to a clever piece of electronic fine-tuning called Digital Signal Processing (DSP). By adjusting the sound balance depending on the signal, DSP keeps bass effects powerful and music sounding rich and detailed, no matter how loud you play it.

Bowers and Wilkins history
The control room of Studio 1 at London's Abbey Road Studios, which uses Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series loudspeakers.
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Bowers and Wilkins history
Nautilus was the result of a five-year research program into creating the perfect loudspeaker. Many technologies developed in this project and are now found in all Bowers & Wilkins products.
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Bowers & Wilkins history

In leading recording studios around the world, music that will soon be heard everywhere is first heard through Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers. In London's world-famous Abbey Road Studios, all three main studios use Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series speakers to capture the output of the world's biggest selling artists.

Engineering innovation

Every discovery Bowers & Wilkins' scientists make in their dedicated Research and Development facility make influences how speakers all over the world are designed and built. Technologies such as Nautilus Tapering Tubes and Flowport start life in their high-end loudspeakers, but are also important factors in the likes of Zeppelin Air and MM-1.

Doing it from day one

When John Bowers set up Bowers & Wilkins in 1966, experimentation in sound and recording was escalating rapidly. It was the time of Sergeant Pepper and Pet Sounds, and Bowers had a pioneering spirit to match. His ambition was revolutionary for the day, and remains so: to create a loudspeaker that neither adds nor takes away from the music. Bowers & Wilkins has been exploring the world of sound ever since. And they'll never settle for less than perfection.

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