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Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi PlayStation 3

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Product Description


Aksys Games is pleased to announce that the trailer for Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi (released in Japan as Hakuoki Junsouroku) is now available to view! Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi will be shipping on May 6, 2014 for the PlayStation® 3 entertainment system. Follow Chizuru, a young woman who finds herself fighting alongside the infamous Shinsengumi as competing factions war for control of Japan. In the midst of all this bloodshed and chaos, will Chizuru find love?


Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom, an otome visual novel for Playstation 2, first gained popularity in Japan due to its rich character designs from renowned artist Kazuki Yone, powerful over-arching story, and noteworthy voice actors. A year later, after fervent fan clamoring, a fan disc entitled "Hakuoki Zuisoroku" was released. The two titles were united in 2010, remastered with improved graphics for the Playstation 3, and now, finally, are available in English in the United States as Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi.

  • Title: Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi
  • Genre: Visual Novel
  • Platform: PlayStation®3 system
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Publisher: Aksys Games

Japan's Edo Period was drawing to a close.

The shogunate, who'd held power in the country for more than 200 years, found itself challenged by the imperial court, and by several domains who had chaffed under shogunal rule.

In the midst of this political unrest, an organization rose to prominence: The Shinsengumi. Originally formed to protect the streets of Kyoto from masterless samurai, they came to represent the last, tragic bastion of the honor-bound samurai culture that had defined much of Japan's history.

A young woman by the name of Chizuru comes to Kyoto in search of her missing father, and soon encounters danger and the Shinsengumi in quick succession. When it becomes clear the Shinsengumi are also searching for her father, Chizuru is put under their protection.

But odd things are afoot in Kyoto - possibly even supernatural things. Can Chizuru navigate this maze of mortal danger and political intrigue? Amidst so much misery and death, can she find romance?

When Chizuru stumbled upon the infamous Shinsengumi one night on the street and discovered their secret, her fate changed forever.

Ensconced in the headquarters of the Shinsengumi, Chizuru spends every day under the harsh eyes of the captains worried about her father and fearing for her own safety. It seems like her life is spared for the moment, but as soon as there is no value to her being among them, she will likely be killed.

It wasn't that they were monsters. There were times when they'd casually strike up conversation with her, laughing and joking around. However, to them, Chizuru is an outsider. The brief smiles they offer her are no guarantee of safety. Months pass under this oppressive atmosphere. One day, an inconsequential moment between Chizuru and the warriors affects a subtle change. This is when her stories begin.



After coming to Kyoto in search of her absent father, Chizuru stumbled onto one of the Shinsengumi's secrets, and was consequently taken under their "protection."
Once Chizuru's search for her father resumes, she begins to uncover secrets long buried. Secrets about her father, the Shinsengumi - and Chizuru herself.


Commander of the Shinsengumi.
The men tend to call him the "The Demon," and not always behind his back.
To maintain order and unity among his ragtag group of warriors, he is very strict and deals out harsh punishments in accordance with The Code.


Captain of the Shinsengumi's 1st Division.
Okita is considering to be something of a genius with the sword.
He like to make jokes - frequently at the expense of his comrades - and often wears a wry smile, but in battle he holds nothing back and his devotion to the Shinsengumi and Kondou is unparalleled.


Captain of the Shinsengumi's 3rd Division.
Saito is know for being reserved, solitary, and loyal.
Unlike most other swordsman, he fights with his left hand. He is a master of the art of iai, and his swordsmanship is top–tier even among the Shinsengumi.


Captain of the Shinsengumi's 8th Division.
A cheerful man from Edo, Toudou is the youngest captain in the Shinsengumi.
He's quick with a grin and tends to jump straight into things before thinking them through, even if what he's jumping into is a life-or-death battle.


Captain of the Shinsengumi's 10th Division.
Harada has something of a quick temper, and he's a little rough around the edges, but underneath it all he's a compassionate man with a strong sense of duty.
His weapon of choice is the spear, not the sword, and he has no equal among Kyoto's spearmen.


A mysterious warrior hired by the Satsuma Domain.
He seems to have a special interest in Chizuru Yukimura.

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