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Harman/Kardon BDS580 + HKTS 65 Bundle Blu-Ray Homr Theater System



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Product Description

Receiver 5.1 5 x 65W integrated Blu-Ray with AirPlay, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DLNA, vTuner, NFC.

The 3D Blu-ray Disc ™ player with 5.1 surround sound power of 325 W, including support for AirPlay and Bluetooth ® 
home entertainment system goes beyond any expectations as to the quality of audio, video and communications and featuring a beautiful appearance, which you want to boast

• More life and realism in your music and movies with the legendary, filling the room sound quality Harman Kardon 
• The latest connectivity options, including Bluetooth pairing fast mode and NFC service standards and DLNA® Airplay, which provides a modern and immediate interaction 
• stunning looks and quality materials are well attest to your taste

The 3D Blu-ray Disc ™ player with 5.1-channel sound adapted to the modern lifestyle that requires connecting multiple mobile devices.

BDS 580 Harman Kardon is a sleek, high-performance 3D Blu-ray Disc ™, which redefines the capabilities of Blu-ray. It is equipped with three HDMI ™ inputs with 3D support and HDMI audio return channel (ARC) for compatible TVs, network connectivity, Wi-Fi ® eliminates the need for an Ethernet cable connection; support for Apple's AirPlay technology to play streaming content from iPad, iPhone, iPod, or iTunes on your Mac or PC; Bluetooth technology allows simultaneous MultiConnect ™ pairing two devices and functionality for easy pairing Bluetooth and NFC DLNA® 1.5. Using the BDS 580 system can also use the services of online services such as Pandora, Picasa, AccuWeather ™ and others (if available).

Legendary technology best-in-class sound Harman Kardon digital surround sound animates Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD.With the Dolby Volume hear everything exactly as originally intended, without disturbing the neighbors. Optimize your sound experience using EzSet speaker calibration system / EQ ™.

Setup and use of the system is easy and enjoyable with efficient and attractive graphical interface, high-resolution, or free application for remote control of devices running iOS or Android.In other words, the BDS 580 system raises the standard requirements for Blu-ray systems.

• Five amp with 65 watts per channel

The BDS 580 Blu-ray Disc ™ provides 65 watts of power per channel supplying the 5-channel speakers. Connect the subwoofer to obtain performance improvements in low tones, and add sound straight from the movies. To provide the most accurate and dynamic sound reproduction with increased transparency and realism, even at high volume digital amplifier power supply provides a sufficiently high dose of energy, without the need for heavy and large structures of traditional power supplies and transformers. The result is a great-sounding system that is also environmentally friendly.

• Technology Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth and DLNA 1.5

BDS 580 system can play audio stream from virtually any portable device. For computers with the application iTunes or Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone or iPod, you can transfer the sound using the built-in AirPlay technology. Built-in system BDS 580 Bluetooth ® technology combined with solutions HARMAN TrueStream and MultiConnect allows you to connect virtually any tablet, smartphone or laptop. With the MultiConnect is not necessary to disconnect one device to connect to another device. On the front panel USB port for direct connection invites devices without the need for external adapters or wireless connectivity. The BDS 580 is also compatible with DLNA 1.5 file sharing of music, images and video, providing many options for the delivery of content on your home network.

• Pairing Bluetooth NFC

Connecting devices running the Android ™ or Windows ® that support NFC BDS 580 system via Bluetooth is easy and fast.The BDS 580 is equipped with an NFC sensor that working with Bluetooth technology enables rapid evaporation by simply applying the device to the system BDS.

• Built-in wireless Wi-Fi

Set the BDS 580 system anywhere. With Wi-Fi, you can connect to your home network without having to use cables.Using the Wi-Fi connectivity, you can access wireless services strumieniujących Apple AirPlay, DLNA, software updates and additional content BD-Live ™ available for Blu-ray Disc ™.

• Easy access to online services

Full connectivity allows quick access to your favorite content online services such as Pandora, YouTube ™, Picasa, Accuweather ™ and other (if available).

• HARMAN technology TrueStream

HARMAN technology TrueStream guarantees the best possible listening experience. When playing audio stream wirelessly using Bluetooth technology, HARMAN TrueStream function selects the most current and advanced wireless connectivity option to ensure the highest quality of sound, regardless of the application or audio device.

• The HDMI inputs with wireless support, audio return channel (ARC) and MHL ™ interface

Three HDMI inputs with 3D support and 30/36-bit color, you can view a digital image of Full HD 1080p maximum resolution of high-fidelity audio through a single cable. You do not have to worry about losing picture and sound quality caused by conversion between formats - experience the quality of Hollywood as the creator of a planned production. The built-in system interface BDS 580 Mobile High-Definition Link ™ (MHL ™) allows you to transfer HD content audio / video directly from the camera, phone, tablet or device of the Year Streaming Stick ™. You can transfer the sound from the TV to the BDS 580 system without the need for extra cables with support for HDMI with audio return channel (ARC).

• Subwoofer preamp output

If you want more bass preamp output for a subwoofer is ready to provide a signal to any external, active subwoofer, adding powerful bass punch with unusual clarity and realism.

• USB port on the front panel

Enjoy the many options for audio playback through the USB socket on the front panel umieszczonemu BDS 580 system Simply connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod or USB portable storage device to play your favorite songs using home theater receiver. BDS 580 system can play the full range of audio and video formats, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP3, WMA and JPEG.

• Digital surround sound decoding Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD

High-resolution sound suited for digital image quality on Blu-ray Disc ™ unleash the full potential of soundtracks in surround sound format, Dolby Digital TrueHD and DTS-HD ™.Regardless of the chosen play mode, you'll love the exceptional quality of sound coming from the BDS 580 system, like the rest of his advantages.

• The Dolby Volume

The BDS 580 Harman Kardon is the world's first Blu-ray Disc ™ equipped with Dolby Volume. It works by maintaining a constant volume regardless of the source, ie for example. Podgłaśnianiu silent dialogues and turn down loud ads. One volume setting is all you need to eliminate the sound level when switching TV channels, commercials and movies.

• Automatic calibration EzSet / EQ III

The new process automatic calibration HARMAN EzSet / EQ ™ III allows fine tuning of the volume levels of the system BDS 580 speaker distance settings and time delays, and hue for automatic sound optimization for the specific speakers and the room acoustics. This calibration system is equipped with an easy-to-use menu interface and connects the calibration mic, to help achieve the best sound reproduction.

• Built-in FM tuner

The BDS 580 can play all your favorite FM stations, while displaying the available information on the elegant display located on the front panel. Save 30 favorite stations or use the automatic program to search for and save the available stations.

• Programmable remote control with the ability to support multiple devices

The BDS 580 simplifies your life by using a programmable remote control at the infrared (IR) characterized by the highest quality friendly system buttons. Thanks to the ergonomic design seamlessly cooperates with multi-language on-screen menu system, the pilot will seamlessly navigate through the settings and functions of the operating system. Using this remote can control multiple devices, such as. TVs, set-top box cable and satellite TV and other playback devices.

• More than user-friendly

The BDS 580 is equipped with a new, intelligent user interface to interact with the system optimizes and simplifies the configuration process and access to content. Music system built into the display home theater system provides constant control over the playback sound, display of graphical elements and metadata during playback. High-resolution screen with touch-sensitive buttons on the front panel BDS 580 system provides constant access to the content without having to turn on the TV or the remote.

• Applications for remote control of mobile devices running iOS and Android

Harman Kardon Remote app available at the iTunes App Store for devices running IOS and the service Google ™ Play for compatible Android devices increases the possibility of the system allowing you to control the BDS 580 system using a smartphone or tablet without having to use the remote control. It is also a great tool to organize and play music from mobile devices and home network.







High-quality 5.1-channel home theater speaker system with flat diaphragm midrange, CMMD Lite tweeters and a wireless 200-watt subwoofer

The HKTS 65 is designed as a fully integrated home theater speaker package and is a dream for any music and movie lovers. The Harman Kardon engineers have all the system components designed to work perfectly together, creating a rich, realistic and room-filling sound. Five optimized for voice satellite speakers with powerful planar diaphragm midrange and soft sounding CMMD Lite tweeters for the front and rear channels are amplified by a powerful, wireless, downward-firing subwoofer to create a balanced sound. You can easily set up the magnetic shielded speakers near your television without causing interference, while the thoughtful 2-1 / 2-way crossover ensures that the transitions between the tweeter and the midrange satellite speakers balanced and soft run. The system comes with numerous cables and wall brackets so you can attach the speakers to virtually any desired location. You can upgrade the system to 7.1-channels and expand with HTFS 3 floor stands.The HKTS 65 offers a premium viewing experience and makes an average home theater an extraordinary experience.

Harman Kardon HKTS 65 at a glance:

  • 20-150 watt recommended amplifier power
  • Four 2-1 / 2-way satellite speakers with CMMD Lite tweeters
  • An optimized voice on double-drive center speaker
  • Powerful, wireless radiating down 200-watt subwoofer
  • Complete 5.1-channel home theater system for surround sound
  • Appealing, modern design that fits perfectly in the home furnishings
  • Control for volume and phase of the subwoofer
  • LFE input connector (Low Frequency Effects)
  • Compatible with HTFS 3 floor stands (sold separately)

  • Cinema quality sound for your home.

    20-150 watt recommended amplifier power

    The engineers at Harman Kardon HKTS 65 speakers have been designed to with any compatible AVR (Audio / Video Receiver) or an amplifier with 20-150 Watt obtain the optimum, room-filling sound - regardless of whether the system as a single device or use as part of a surround sound system.

    Four 2-1 / 2-way satellite speakers, 25 to 150 watts, with CMMD Lite tweeters

    The four optimized for voice satellite speakers of the HKTS 65 with dual 75-millimeter planar diaphragm midrange and 25-millimeter CMMD Lite tweeters provide rich, room-filling sound and realistic performance with convincing effects. The 2-1 / 2-way crossover ensures a smooth transition between the high and midrange satellite speakers.

    An optimized voice on double-drive center speaker

    The center speaker of the HKTS 65 has two 75-millimeter planar diaphragm midrange and a 25-millimeter CMMD Lite tweeter for clear and precise vocal reproduction for movies, TV shows or other media designed for a multi-channel surround sound system have. Sound guides for constant direction broaden the emission at high frequencies. The result is a wide stereo image in a large listening area.

    Satellite and Center
    Powerful, wireless radiating down 200-watt subwoofer

    The radiating down 200-watt subwoofer of the HKTS 65 with 200-mm woofer delivers stunning realism in the bass, which gives the images on the screen abundance and Credibility - while he energized very little attention in the room. The establishment of the subwoofer is a breeze thanks to the included wireless transmitter, which easily can be connected to any home theater amplifier or receiver. The subwoofer gives your home theater experience impressive depth and credibility.

    Complete 5.1-channel home theater system with surround sound

    As a complete home theater package has the HKTS 65 everything you need - including stands for the satellites, fastening material for wall mount and all necessary cables - in a cardboard box. Through the included shelf stands and wall brackets for the satellite speakers and the center speaker, the system offers maximum flexibility for installing the speakers in different places.

    Compact Active Subwoofer

    Appealing, modern design, which fits perfectly into the furnishings.

    The HKTS 65 is a beautiful addition to any entertainment or home theater system that fits perfectly in the home environment. The modern design of the system uses glossy black accents, polished surfaces and elegant symmetry - unmistakable design elements from Harman Kardon. The compact and discreet size of the system offering endless installation options.

    Control for bass boost volume and phase of the subwoofer

    The controls on the 200 watt subwoofer of the HKTS 35 allow adjustment of the bass to the room acoustics and personal preferences. With the help of Basst boosts and phase switch, the power of the subwoofer can be optimized, depending on where you place the speakers. A subwoofer that operates in phase with the satellite speakers, creates clear and realistic sounds of instruments like drums, piano and plucked strings.

    Compatible with HTFS 3 floor stands

    If you do not want to mount the speakers on a wall, you can place the HKTS 65 satellite speakers using the optional HTFS 3 floor stands at ear level in the perfect listening position. The aluminum columns with private cable management system complement almost any décor elegant manner and are optionally available.

    Upgradeable to 7.1 channels

    If you do not want to settle for the 5.1 channels, this surround sound system, you can easily pair surround speakers (eg HKTS 30 satellite) to add to the front or the rear channel, and so the 7.1-channel capability of your HKTS 65 system use. The 7.1-channel surround sound format enhances the effect of your entertainment experience through a fuller, more accurate imaging than with 5.1 channels

    Energy saving features

    To meet the European directives, the HKTS 35 system has a very low power consumption in standby mode - less than 0.5 watts - and contains a number of other energy saving features. For example, controls an automatic on / off function, the response of the subwoofer to a voltage or audio signal. (If the subwoofer is more than 15 minutes receives no audio signal, it switches off automatically.) By complying with such "organic" standards, this speaker system will keep the sound quality high - and your energy bills low.


    :: 4 x 2 ½-way satellite speakers :: complete 5.1-channel home theater system with surround sound :: Wireless 200-watt active subwoofer :: removable feet :: LFE input terminal

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