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Intellinet Powerline AV200 Ethernet Adapter



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Product Description

    Use the electrical outlets in your home or office to create a high-speed network.

    The Intellinet Powerline AV200 Ethernet Adapter allows you to create a high-speed network for your home or office by simply plugging the adapters into any electrical outlet. You immediately create a network using the existing AC power lines. HomePlug AV (HPAV) represents the next generation of technology from the HomePlug Powerline Alliance. Its purpose is to provide high-quality, multi-stream, entertainment-oriented networking over existing AC wiring within the home.

    Multimedia Streaming over Your Power Lines!
    The Powerline AV200 Ethernet Adapter is the perfect choice for the connection of network-enabled gaming consoles and digital media devices; there is simply no easier way to connect these to your network or the Internet.

    High-Definition Video Streaming
    The Powerline AV200 Ethernet Adapter delivers a network connection speed of up to 200 Mbps...enabling high-speed, crystal-clear, streaming of 1080p high-definition (HD) video.

    Easy to Install
    Network your PCs and share the high-speed Internet connection using existing electrical outlets. No need to drill holes in walls, pull cable through the attic or basement, or pay for a contractor. Just plug the Powerline AV200 Ethernet Adapter into the wall, connect it to your router, and you have now created a network within your home. Attach multiple computers to the network by simply plugging them into additional Powerline AV Ethernet Adapters or a Powerline 3-Port Adapter, such as the Intellinet 506571.

    High Performance
    The Powerline AV200 Ethernet Adapter complies with HomePlug AV standards, and provides a network connection speed of up to 200 Mbps. It automatically senses the speed of the router or computer device, and adjusts to accommodate the correct Ethernet devices. 

    Cost Effective
    Because there is no special wiring required, the Powerline AV200 Ethernet Adapter can be installed with minimal expense. And you can move them to different locations without having to reconfigure the adapter. 

    Just because data is running through AC power lines, it doesn't mean it is secure. However, the Powerline AV200 Ethernet Adapter uses 128-bit encryption for protection. 

    * The Powerline AV200 Ethernet Adapter is not compatible with the Powerline Turbo Ethernet Bridge, but the two products can co-exist on the same power line without interfering with one another.

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