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Product Description

Pocket synthesizer. Kaossilator opens up new opportunities for musicians.
Short description:
Portable Synthesizer, 31 template, 50 types of arpeggio patterns with gating, Sampling frequency: 48 kHz

- Portable synthesizer in an ultra-compact body with a battery-powered 
- synth sounds, percussion instruments and special effects - just 100 powerful programs 
- 31 template to select the scale that allows to perform musical phrases in a variety of versions system; 
- 50 types of arpeggio patterns with gating, used to play complex rhythmic patterns; 
- function Loop recording, for recording one musical phrase on top of another, allowing you to create complex, rich grooves.
Another novelty in the super popular series of DJ equipment from the company Korg! KAOSSILATOR is a new pocket Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer that combines analog sounds of the famous Korg and impressive performance capabilities in one ultra-compact unit. This instrument can play just about any person - just slide your finger across the touch panel KAOSSILATOR. Forget about the long learning! KAOSSILATOR light and compact, it has a limitless performance capabilities while running on battery power - so now you can make music anywhere!
KAOSSILATOR - is a completely new tool, where the concept of "synth" is completely separate from the concept of "piano keyboard". Now both keyboardists and guitarists and DJs will be able to enrich the sound with new elements live band or a club set, the KAOSSILATOR easy to operate, enabling a fundamentally new level of performance even novice musician.
Through a truly pocket size, the possibility of battery power and the presence of special slots for fastening the belt, KAOSSILATOR will certainly be for you a source of inexhaustible inspiration of music - wherever you are!
Powerful synth and percussion sounds and special effects

on board KAOSSILATOR set hundred powerful sound programs that combine the legendary Korg's modeling synthesis and shiny effects KAOSS PAD series devices. These programs allow you to work in almost any style of music. The horizontal movement of the finger is responsible for the pitch, while the vertical movement controls the associated parameters such as cutoff frequency, modulation depth and feedback *, which gives exceptional expressiveness of execution.
In addition to classic synthesizer solo voices, bass and special effects, and realistic piano sounds are in the unit's memory, guitars and trumpets, and percussion samples and loops. Thus, KAOSSILATOR literally force you to do creative work.
Scale Features and Key - you will never get "by the note»

KAOSSILATOR has a function Scale, which precisely and accurately reproduce the notes of a given scale. The user can choose from 31 options system, including chromatic, diminished, major and minor blues and pentatonic. To set the tone is Key function. Finally, non-standard options fail, such as Spanish, riukiu raga and help enrich the performance of the exotic elements.
Arpeggiator Performing opportunities for expansion built-in arpeggiator with gating can play a variety of musical patterns in user specified tempo, which further extends the performance capabilities of the device. Simply select one of the 50 rhythm patterns and start creating some incredible musical patterns!

Even more creativity with function Loop Recording This function allows you to record musical phrases specified duration (maximum 8 beats = 2 measures) to play in a looped mode. For example, you can record a phrase using a synth solo, and then lay on her bass or drums. The process is incredibly simple - select a tool to play and record sound. Never before was the creation of the groove is not so simple!

* The function of the controller depends on the selected program.
** The appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.
*** All product and company names used in this document are registered trademarks and belong to their respective owners.
- Schedule 100 
- program categories: 
- "the NOTE" (melodic instruments) = LEAD: 20, ACOUSTIC: 10, BASS: 20, CHORD: 10 
- "SE" (special effects) = SE: 20 
- "DRUM" (percussion tools) = DRUM: 10, DRUM PATTERN: 10 
- Options system: 31 
- keyboard range: ± 12 semitones 
- Connections: outputs LINE OUT (RCA jacks), PHONES output (stereo mini jack) 
- sampling frequency: 48 kHz 
- CA -Fourier: 24-bit linear 
- Power supply: 4 AA alkaline batteries (LR6) or AC adapter (sold separately) 
- battery Life: approximately five hours (with alkaline batteries) 
- Package Includes: user Manual, the list of parameters, four batteries of type "AA" for - check device performance.
- Power adapter (- 4.5) 
- Dimensions (W) x (H) x (D): 106 x 129 x 29 mm. 
- Weight: 154 grams (without batteries)
Optional accessories (acquires separately)

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