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LG G2 D802 (32GB, 4G LTE + Wifi, Gold)

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Product Description

Description of LG G2 D802 (32 GB , 4G LTE + Wifi, gold)



Inspiration through design The LG G2 D802 has been designed to meet your individual needs, based on tons of experience and an unparalleled dynamism. Its superior hardware and impressive instinctive design enables users to immerse themselves with state-of-the-art, innovative bundles of contextual user experience features. The G2 is a versatile phone built for all age groups. Youth who like to be socially-connected will admire the fast-paced performance and sharing abilities of the phone, while the advanced camera and guest mode function will appeal to the family-oriented individuals. An Instinctive design with a refined rear key The G2 captivates you with immersive viewing experiences on your palm. The phone floats a premium and simple design. A slim, step-designed battery has been built ergonomically to offer users complete in-hand comfort, while the integrated rear-key serves as a very handy function. 5.2 inch Full HD IPS Display The phone enables high clarity with vibrant colors. The LG G2 D802 floats a 5.2" Full HD IPS display which delivers an overall superior visual experience natural colors, high-definition details, sharp text, and a cinema-like 16:9 aspect ratio. With a pixel density of over 400 ppi, the high resolution showcases minute details, and the Full HD IPS display delivers more accurate, life-like color representations and bright whites which prevent over-saturation or eye strain. The LG G2 D802 thus enables an authentic view of whatever you look at on the phone, be it a portrait set against a true-blue sky, or shopping for shoes in the perfect shade of red, or watching a nature show in Full HD. An advanced 13 MP Camera With the LG G2 D802, you can easily click sharp pictures and smooth videos without worrying about a steady hand. The camera of the phone sports a high resolution of 13 MP and features the breakthrough optical image stabilization (OIS) technology, which works to stabilize the focus when the camera is in function. This reduces the blur in photos and delivers less shaky videos. The OIS module proves handy while using the camera under dark settings like for night photography. A lower light setting creates more potential for shaking, causing blurry images due to the need for longer exposures. OIS on the other hand enables amazing low-light shots, even when the camera is not held still. In addition, the Multi-point Auto Focus (AF) feature enables fast and accurate focusing for multiple face and also for moving objects with 9 AF points, while detailed, sharp images with 16 times the normal zoom are made possible by the Super Resolution which lets you zoom in closer without losing quality. High Quality Sound The sound quality on the phone is very detailed thanks to the High Quality Sound, which allows you to hear and record it all. The impact created by this feature on the audio quality of the phone is similar to that delivered by the high-resolution video on the images, enabling users to enjoy the minute subtleties like the deep tone of the base, subtle vocal details, or the sweet sound of a power chord. High quality audio is ensured on the G2, both while recording and listening. The audio is without distortion for Studio Master files, and supports 24-bit, 192 kHz Hi-Fi playback for FLAC and WAV files. Another stand out feature on the G2 is multi-mic recording with advanced noise cancellation, which allows users to record clear audio even in noisy environments. The G2 thus ensures that you experience your music with High Resolution Sound, and enjoy an elevated sound experience. Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset with 2.26 GHZ quad core processor CPUs With the LG G2 D802, you can partake in Internet browsing at superior speeds, enjoy silky-smooth graphics, and juggle multiple apps with zero lag time. A 2.3 (2.26) GHz Quad-Core Processor featuring the Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset ensures that you will get a more seamless experience no matter how you use your phone! The LG G2 D802 has been built to handle multiple functions with ease as it divides the tasks efficiently between its four cores. This enables faster CPU speeds and up to a 50 percent increase in graphics performances on the device.  Great battery life The phone’s 3,000mAh SiO battery delivers a superb back up and has been designed to look stylish. This keeps you going all day and helps you look good while doing it. The battery sports a step-design and silicon anode, which enables maximum storage capacity and efficiency, and also ensures a super-slim size, as compared to traditional Li-Ion batteries. The inclusion of the GRAM chipset, allows 20% less power consumption thus increasing the battery life. Smart Guest mode With the LG G2 D802, you are assured complete privacy with the Guest Mode feature. Many a times you are not the only one using your phone, and with the LG G2 D802, your friends will sure be intrigued and will want to experience the phone in all its glory. With Guest Mode, you can create your own niche by personalizing a user experience for a guest, thereby controlling the apps and capabilities which can be accessed by the guest user. Some aspects of this feature include selecting a separate home screen for yourself and a guest user, say a child or a friend. You can create separate pattern locks for that user and decide which apps will be enabled. Thus now sharing your phone with others is possible without letting it affect your content and settings, and without compromising on privacy. Audio zooming You can now zero in on a specific audio source with the Audio Zoom, which you can focus on a subject via the audio while recording video. This ensures a more clear playback for all your videos. This unique feature is supported by three stereo mics, which amplify the sound from a specific angle and eliminate the surrounding noise. This allows you to focus in on the sounds you want to hear, and tune out those you don’t. Knock On! You can now turn on the phone’s display by a simple knocking gesture. All you have to do is knock twice on the phone, and the gesture will be sensed, turning on the display. This feature is quite handy and will work to lessen your load when you have your hands full. Just Plug and Pop If you wish to listen to music, all you have to do is plug in your headphones. Similarly if you wish to sync your files, simply plug in the USB cable. The LG G2 D802 is fitted with a Plug & Pop feature which intuitively makes the apps you want quickly accessible by featuring the icons that require earphones or USB cables. Double the utility- Dual recording/ Dual camera With the LG G2 D802, you can be a part of the picture, even if you’re the one clicking the shot. The Dual Recording/Dual Camera allows you to record yourself and your subject at the same time by activating the front and rear cameras simultaneously. This fun feature supports both picture and video, and even lets you place yourself in any photo or video that you may be capturing, using the picture-in-picture technology. Tracking zoom With the Tracking Zoom feature, you can now focus in on your favorite subject while keeping a track of the big picture at the same time. You can even create unique videos with a picture-in-picture frame that highlights your selected subject’s movements, while the rest of the screen records the rest of the scene in view. You can select a subject, zoom in on it, and track the actions in a separate pane overlapping the background video. Zoom to track The Zoom to Track feature enhances the video watching experience on the phone by making it more interactive and fun by letting you selectively zoom in on a subject during playback. While watching a video, you can simultaneously select a moving object on your screen, and using the Zoom to Track feature close up on it and track it throughout the clip. The feature emulates getting behind a camera for a closer look while watching a recorded video. Capture Plus and Clip tray Capture Plus The Capture Plus feature hands you the big picture during Internet Browsing without infringing on the edges. It replaces the limited screen capture feature, allowing you to take a screen shot of a full web page, with precise border controls. A much better way to save online articles, recipes, receipts and other documents, it gives superior shots for reading and printing at a later time. Clip Tray Using the Clip tray feature, you can store pictures, text and links that you would like to reference, much like your PC clipboard. This serves as a great tool when you want to compare products while shopping online, or while sharing information with friends. You can use a slide-up clipboard at the bottom of the display to copy and store multiple items, thus creating a visual collection of information. Moreover, you can add more items and selectively choose which ones to include in an email, text message, or post, document. Physical Features 

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