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Product Description


  • Change the color of the WiFi bulb with a choice of 15 million colors
  • Control the WiFi bulb from a dedicated app for Android, as well as iPhone
  • Set presets of regularly used colors
  • Color and patterns change according to music
  • 80% less electricity consumption


    The Wi-Fi bulb has other great features, including the ability to sync light effects to music that is being played. According to the beat of the music the light will change in colors and pattern. The Wi-Fi bulb conserves energy by 80% as well, meaning a significantly low electricity bill. Economical as well as fun!



How much difference can a bulb possibly make? You have disco lights and strobe lights at parties and they are an integral part of the entire experience so why would you need a bulb right? Would a light source make that much of a difference? Or even 10 bulbs. So you can change the bulbs color. Big deal. How many colors can it change? 5? 10?


Complete control 

The Merlin Wifi bulb is a device that makes regular bulbs seem like they are from another century! The Wifi Bulb can be controlled from the palm of your hand through your smartphone or tablet devices. Dedicated apps are available from the Play Store as well as the App Store. The app itself is highly imtuitive with a variety of options, giving you vast options to control and manipulate the Wifi Bulb according to your needs, environment and mood. 


Party accessory

The Wi-Fi bulb is much much more than a bulb that just changes color. Obviously the massive capacity of color variations is very welcome, however its seamless integration with music sets it apart. As you play music off your smart-phone, the Wi-Fi bulb will mirror the rhythm by changing color patterns. Keep in mind a dedicated strobe or disco light falls way short. Any party-goer will tell you that it is quite unnerving when the music becomes mellow yet the lights are still flashing all over the place. It ruins the mood. The Wi-Fi bulb will accentuate the mood of the party and that too with a great intuition.

Add color to your life

Because of it's innovative features, the WiFi bulb is not only a party accessory. Who wouldn't want to come home from a hard day of work, relax in front of the TV with a nice, calming blue hue emanating from the ceiling. Or enjoy a romantic dinner with a loved one in a dining room bathed in a light shade of yellow. Themes can even be saved as presets so you can find the perfect shade for all the different rooms in your house. Color is the essence of life and the WiFi bulb is an excellent representation of that.


Besides being good for your home, the WiFi bulb is also good for the environment. It conserves energy by 80% as when compared to regular filament bulbs. That means a reduced electricity bill and a reduced impact on the planet. In all aspects the WiFi bulb is truly magical.


In Depth Power: RGB: <7W - WW: <6.5W - CW: <6.5W
Color: RGBW - WW - CW
Lumens: CW : 400-650LM - WW: 400-650LM
Voltage: AC100V~AC264V
Color: WW: 2700K~3200K
Temperature: CW: 6000K~6500K
Dimensions 5 x 9.7 x 5 cm
Weight 55 g


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