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Motorcycle & Rickshaw Tracker



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Product Description

Pakistan's First Motorcycle / Rickshaw Tracker 

* On / Off Location Alert
* Kill / Start Engine Via Mobile
* Battery Cut (MPL) Alert
* Geo - Fence Alert
* VITS Online Monitoring Portal Access 
* 24 Hour Emergency Helpline with Police / ACLC Recovery Support
Service Packages: (Includes SMS, Data Costs, Mobile Application, Online Monitoring Tool Access)
MotoTrack Pvt. Ltd. is the sister concern of Vehicle Tracking Pvt. Ltd. which has over 11 years experience in the tracking industry. MotoTrack is a PTA licensed company devoted to the protection of your motorcycle / rickshaw. 

*Inclusive of 1 Year Service

1 Year Warranty,
Service agreement is explained and signed off on upon installation visit. 

 Instructions on how to operate are provided as a video presented to each customer. 
Each installation takes roughly 45 minutes.


Question 1 : 
What if battery is disconnected, will this device still work ? 
Answer : The Tracking device has its own 4 - 8 hour back up battery. After theft if bikes battery is disconnected the tracker will inform you of the theft  via Main Power Loss SMS with GPS location included, then it will go on to its backup battery and keep sharing its location until the device is completely removed from the bikes frame. 
Question 2 : 
Do we need a smartphone for this ?
Answer : No sir, control is purely designed to come through any SMS. So essentially this system will report and work from any type of mobile device. If you happen to have a smartphone then the benefit is greater with Google Maps clickable links within the SMS & our MotoTrack Mobile Application available in IOS / Play Store. 
Question 3. : 
If Phone is stolen with the bike then how do we stop it ?
Answer : Upon installation two numbers are registered, customers primary phone and any second phone has equal control of bike. Also customer receives 24 hour Emergency numbers that should be shared with all persons at home. Customer is instructed to remember the second registered number so that after theft they can contact the secondary number from any storefront or person on the street in that instance. 
Question 4 : 
How do we install this device ?
Answer : Two methods are involved. If MotoTrack Office is in your city, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, Multan, Faisalabad. Customer can visit the office for installation or if they choose at home delivery & installation is also possible. If the customer is in Cities of Balochistan, KPK, or 20 Km and further from our offices. Unit can be sent via TCS in Cash on Delivery with an instructional installation video on whatsapp or delivery charges can be applied for technician travelling. One way or another we provide the system anywhere in Pakistan. 
Question 5 : 
Is this device transferrable ?
Answer : Yes, if the wiring is reusable charges are Rs.250 per transfer.  If new wiring is needed than Rs.500 are applied. 
Question 6 : 
Why do we pay yearly service charges ?
Answer : Data Expense generated by Tracker sim communication with MotoTrack Servers, 24 hour monitoring call center expense, Mobile Application & Online Monitoring updation expense & Tax 
Question 7 : 
What happens after theft ?
Answer : Customer will be taught how to control bikes engine and get locations after theft. Emergency Hotline numbers will be available for customer to report stolen bike. MotoTrack will contact local area ACLC and Police contacts and help customer by forwarding and sharing location with law enforcement. 
Question 8 : 
What happens if device stops working after its one year warranty? Extended warranty ? 
Answer : 
After the one year warranty, Customer has few options, The installed defective device is turned over to MotoTrack, then for Rs.5500 tax inclusive customer can purchase NEW device or for Rs.2800 customer can fit Certified & Approved REFURBISHED device while automatically extending 1 year more warranty. Service charges will be adjusted for time not used.
Question 9 : 
Is there a range for this device ? What happens when it goes out of GSM signal ?
Answer : 
There is no defined range for this device. It works anywhere your mobile phone works. Its reporting has no limitations as you can be outside the country and receive locations. The device is dependent on GSM / GPRS signal. It will use one or the other signal if one is unavailable and if there is no signal, the device will begin reporting when it re enters signal. This is a limitation all tracking companies face as we have no control over signal blackouts. 
Question 10 :
Why is there a price difference between large vehicle tracker and motorcycle ?
Answer :
Multiple reasons for the difference in price. As follows : 
3x more wiring
3x more installation time & effort / labor
Different Hardware & Monitoring Support 
Question 11 :
Why wouldn't I purchase this tracker from China or Saddar for cheaper ?
Answer :
Multiple reasons :
1. No Service
2. No Company Support
3. No Warranty
4. No ACLC / Police Connections
5. No 24 hour Control Room
6. No Mobile Application with Updates
7. No Online Monitoring tool
8. No 13 years Tracking experience
Question 12 :
What makes MotoTrack Different than other tracking companies ?
1. Device ownership ( Other companies will rent for Rs.7000 per year)
2. Device Kill /Start Engine Feature
3. 13 years vehicle tracking experience
4. Established relationship with Police / Rangers / ACLC
5. In house repair departments / refurbishing chain
6. All Over Pakistan Infrastructure
7. Service
8. Independance 
9. Inexpensive Cost due to large portfolio



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