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Nanogen Serum VEGF in Pakistan

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Product Description

Patent Pending Technology
Growth factors are a cutting edge technology, pioneered by Nanogen for treating thinning hair. 

The Natural Solution for Hair Loss
VEGF is a growth factor like the ones humans produce naturally. VEGF maintains hair growth and ensures nutrients and oxygen reach the hair, allowing it to grow. It also acts against the factors that cause hair to fall, maintaining hair growth. 

Complete Approach
Complex actives protect the hair from damage and further help reduce hair loss. Other nourishing and repairing ingredients also work to maintain a healthy scalp and ensure a stable, healthy platform for hair growth. 

Irritation Free
The unique water based serum contains no ethanol or propylene glycol, unlike many other treatment products. It causes no drying or irritation and so is comfortable for continued use every day. 


Hair Growth Factors 

Nanogen sh-VEGF complex is a unique plant derived growth factor in combination with another active to make the effect more pronounced. Healthy hair growth is controlled by a natural cycle, with every individual hair at a different stage of the cycle. Nanogen sh-VEGF complex specifically supports and protects hair whilst maintaining healthy hair growth at each stage of the natural cycle. 

How does natural VEGF act on the hair? 

For hair to grow as part of the natural hair cycle, or for new hairs to grow, a growth phase called Anagen needs to be stimulated. 3 stages are required to bring about Anagen and healthy hair growth: 

Cell Proliferation
The base of a hair follicle contains a form of stem cells called dermal papilla; these cells need to multiply rapidly to create the cells that form hair.
Proliferation reuqires much nutrition and oxygen, VEGF causes vasodilation and increased bloodflow which supports this growth. 

Cell Migration
When these cells have multiplied, they must move to particular positions to form the structure of the hair. This means they need they communicate with eachother, and organise their “cellular skeleton” to enable them to move. 
VEGF increases glycoprotein production in certain cells, these glycoproteins allow cells to communicate, move and adhere to each other. VEGF acts as a signal for migration itself in certain cases, and increases vasodilation, allowing the movement of cells. 

Growing hair needs nutrients & oxygen, so new small blood vessels form to feed the growing hair, this is called Angiogenesis.
VEGF promotes angiogenesis in new hair follicles, but also in existing hair that isn’t getting enough oxygen. It also increases another signal called nitric oxide, which causes existing blood vessels to become wider, and more blood to reach where it is needed. 

A hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) signals the end of the hair growth phase, bringing about a brief transfer phase called Catagen. It is created from Testosterone by an enzyme called 5α reductase. Many ingredients, such as finasteride, aim to block this reaction and so stop the signal ending the growth phase. DHT acts by activating a whole range of genes to cause the death of hair follicle cells, and the loss of the hair. VEGF acts to temporarily suppress these genes, and helps protect the hair from falling prematurely. 

After the hair has fallen out naturally, the hair enters a phase called Telogen. VEGF reduces the time that hair spends in this resting phase by stimulating genes for re-entry into the hair growth phase, Anagen.


  1. Use 1ml once every day. For best results use after Scalproller™.
  2. Unscrew the cap. Draw 1ml into the pipette by rapidly pumping the bulb several times.
  3. Apply the pipette directly to your scalp.
  4. Squeeze the rubber bulb very gently to dispense drops evenly over your scalp.
  5. Gently massage the drops to cover the thinning area, then allow to dry, you do not need to rinse.
    Do not exceed the stated dosage.



Ingredient Highlights: 

Nanogen sh-VEGF Complex™
The safe, plant derived growth factors in Nanogen sh-VEGF Complex support any treatment regime.
The growth factors act to help reduce hair loss, and maintain healthy hair and scalp condition. 

Superoxide Dismutase
Provides broad spectrum antioxidant protection and may help to maintain levels of nitric oxide signals. This prevents damage to the hair follicle and maintains blood flow. 

Hydrolysed Lupine Extract
Protects the hair from damage that may cause it to fall, reducing hair loss. Maintains cell metabolic rates in the growing hair follicle. 

Soothing and Moisturising Ingredients
Niacinamide and beta-glucan combined prevent redness and irritation, and support wound healing to promote a healthy scalp. 






  • Is it safe to use Serum VEGF every day?
    Yes it is. Serum VEGF is designed to be safe and effective when used once daily. 

  • Should I wash my hair before I use Serum VEGF?
    You can wash your hair as normal when using Serum VEGF, but you do not have to wash your hair before every application. Nanogen recommend using Hair Prepare to get the scalp thoroughly cleansed for optimum treatment results, however you can use regular shampoos. Make sure your scalp is always dry before applying Seurm VEGF. 

  • What if I accidentally apply too much or too little?
    The glass pipette enables you to accurately measure how much product you are applying to your scalp. Always check that the total amount you are applying is 1 ml. If you are not sure how much product you have applied, we would recommend that you do not apply more product, instead wait until the next application time and then make sure you apply the full 1ml. 

  • What if I miss a treatment?
    If a treatment is missed then wait until the next application and continue with the next dose as normal. Do not apply more than 1ml, simply continue as if you had not missed a treatment. 

  • Is it safe to use Serum VEGF whilst using Minoxidil, Finasteride or other topical treatments?
    Yes, in fact Serum VEGF has been formulated to complement other treatments. However we would suggest always consulting your GP when you begin using any medication.
  • What are the side effects of using Serum VEGF?
    There are no side effects with Serum VEGF. The drying effect of Minoxidil is avoided as Serum VEGF is a water based product and contains no alcohol. 

  • What kind of results should I expect? How do I know it is working?
    Hair growth will be maintained and hair loss will be reduced. Over time this effect will leave you with thicker and healthier looking hair. Many people experience a slight increase in hair loss called ‘shedding’ after a few weeks use, however this is perfectly normal and stops after a few more weeks. It is difficult to measure your progress daily, counting the number of hairs you lose is not an accurate measure. You should really look at your progress once every 2 weeks if you want to see any difference with the naked eye. After the possible ‘shedding’ period and you will slowly notice an overall thickening of the hair as hair growth is maintained. 

  • How long before I see results?
    You should see an improvement after 4-6 months continuous use. During this period you may experience a temporary slight increase in hair loss, this is perfectly normal for many people, and will stop with continued use. The loss, called ‘ shedding’ varies for each person, and some people do not have it at all. Generally it starts after 3-4 weeks, and lasts for 3-4 weeks before stopping. 

  • How long should I take Serum VEGF for?
    As with all hair loss products, to maintain the effectiveness of the treatment you are using, you have to continue using it. To ensure optimum results Nanogen recommend continuous use.


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