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Paperport Professional 12.0 [Old Version]

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Product Description

PaperPort Professional 12 offers a powerful combination of features you just don't get with scanning software or other PC document management solutions. It provides superior scanning, advanced PDF creation, assembly, and search, automatic form filling, network document management and the ability to move or scan files from individual desktops to shared document repositories such as Microsoft SharePoint--all in one easy-to-use application. PaperPort Professional 12 can help you boost productivity, improve customer service and cut costs for bottom-line results.


The world's favorite document management software for the PC. 

With the simple push of a button you get perfect scans on your desktop or directly into the included PDF Viewer or another specific application--email, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and more. 

For added convenience, ScanDirect supports scanning to PDF. Click to enlarge.

FormTyper accurately converts scanned paper forms into neat, searchable electronic forms you can fill out on your computer. 

Take a picture of a document and accurately convert it into a text document.

Which Nuance PaperPort product is best for you? Download a comparison chart (PDF format).

What makes PaperPort the ultimate document desktop?

  • Scanning to PDF is so easy--get it done with the press of a button so documents are never lost and can be more easily retrieved
  • Get the most out of networked MFPs--automatically route scanned documents from MFPs to individual desktops
  • Fast PDF viewing and editing--create and combine documents into industry-standard PDF files from application files and annotate them with comments and stamps
  • Find anything and everything--search and view PDF files quickly
  • Improve business processes--automatically convert forms into fillable PDF forms
  • Collaborate more efficiently--quickly move or scan files from individual desktops to document management repositories such as Microsoft SharePoint

Time is your most valuable asset. For about the cost of one lost document you can get the fastest, most powerful and easy-to-use PaperPort Professional EVER.


Fast, Perfect Scans Every time

Take advantage of PaperPort Professional's superior scanning capabilities and free yourself from the inefficiencies of paper once and for all. You don't have to be a scanning expert, purchase special equipment, or change your familiar scanning practices. PaperPort seamlessly enhances the capabilities of your existing desktop scanner, mobile scanner, or multifunction printer to deliver perfect scans on your desktop with the click of a button. And it's fast--really fast.


Get the results you expect--automatically

Tired of poor quality scans? PaperPort Professional uses unlimited Scanner Profiles with Scanner Enhancement Technology (SET) to achieve excellent results on most any kind of document. Newspaper articles, invoices, color photographs--it doesn't matter. PaperPort automatically straightens, crops, rotates, and enhances scanned documents to deliver high quality results every time. And PaperPort's ImageViewer lets you further enhance documents or even photos within a PDF document--without having to toggle between applications--and see the results immediately.

Use your existing local or network scanner to turn paper documents directly into PDF files that can be easily organized and shared electronically. Or route scans from a network multifunction printer to individual desktops. Either way, PaperPort Professional makes it easier than ever to turn paper into PDF files that can be shared online. So you save time and money over traditional printing and mailing.

Scan to your favorite application
PaperPort Professional works with any scanning device to quickly turn paper into PDF files. Save time and effort by scanning directly to specific applications like email, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft SharePoint, or even to digital fax using ScanDirect technology. Batch scanning capabilities support scanning several documents at once using an automatic document feeder to further boost your productivity.

Support for scanner buttons
With PaperPort Professional, you can still use the scanner button on your All-in-One or other scanning device to scan directly to your computer. The difference is that PaperPort gives you more control over your scans--how they look and where they end up on your desktop. As a result, you always get the results you expect. No surprises. No hassles.

One easy-to-use interface for all your scanners
Every scanning device comes with a unique interface or control panel for scanning documents. With all the different choices and options the task of scanning various types of documents can be overwhelming. PaperPort Professional simplifies things with one easy-to-understand scanning interface that will work exactly the same for all devices--whether you're using a desktop scanner, a mobile scanner, or an all-in-one unit. Plus, a new "Scan Now" button lets you scan documents with a single click. There's no need to switch to the scanner settings view.

Get scanning right in one step
Different document types require different settings to get the results you expect. Some documents contain color and some are simple black-and-white and almost all your documents can use some enhancement or cleaning up along the way. PaperPort enables you to encapsulate all your settings, including color, format and SET corrections, into Scanner Profiles so you get the correct results with the push of one button.


A Better Way to Organize

In all the buzz about enterprise-wide document management, the individual desktop has been largely overlooked. But as companies invest in document management solutions for the enterprise, they need to keep in mind that employees spend most of their time working with documents on their individual PCs rather than a network repository. It's easy to take for granted that Microsoft Windows provides all the features needed for handling documents, but that's just not the case. Only PaperPort Professional closes the gap between what Windows offers and the ability to manage scanned paper and PDF documents quickly, easily and effectively on a digital desktop. At the same time, it provides the perfect on-ramp to enterprise-wide document management systems. You simply won't find another PC document management application that can do all that.

The best thing to happen to your PC since Windows
PaperPort is designed to work with Microsoft Windows in the most efficient way possible, leveraging what necessary features are already available for a complete desktop document management environment. PaperPort uses the existing folder structure in Windows while allowing you to customize what folders you want to see at any given time. PaperPort also creates searchable PDF files and provides a plug-in for Windows Desktop Search so these files can be indexed and searched. PaperPort is simply the ultimate document desktop for Windows.

Assemble custom PDF documents by dragging and dropping
PaperPort Professional features a unique split desktop design that displays individual page thumbnails alongside document thumbnails. Just drag and drop entire documents within another document or selectively copy and paste individual pages from one PDF document to another. Quickly assemble custom PDF documents by combining scans and photos with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. And once your custom PDF document is assembled, you can simply email it to intended recipients. No need for costly printing, copying, faxing or mailing. It's like stacking, stapling and sending real paper--only a whole lot faster, easier and greener.

Safe and secure--compliance is mandatory
Because of PaperPort's superior integration with Windows you can be assured that PaperPort will only allow access to folders on your computer to those who have the proper access rights. And you in-turn can only access those folders for which you have access rights. PaperPort utilizes in-place security developed and implemented through Windows so your IT staff won't have to reinvent the wheel and no additional investment is required. You will be prompted for passwords as necessary as if you were working directly in Windows. You also have complete control to change access to shared folders where you have administrative rights. In addition, PaperPort provides the ability to secure individual PDF files with advanced password control.

Intuitive thumbnail desktop
PaperPort Professional provides a visual desktop with large, clear page and document thumbnails to improve the way you work with application files, digital photos, PDF files, scanned and electronic forms, saved Web pages and all your scanned paper documents. Quickly browse, organize and use all your files without having to open them to see what's inside.

The Power of PaperPort

Increase Productivity
Includes everything you need for easy, effective document management. An advanced tabbed ribbon interface logically groups features with clear text descriptions so there's no learning curve. A "Scan Now" button lets you scan documents with a single click.

Reduce Waste, Conserve Energy
Scan, convert, organize, repurpose, and share PDF documents across the enterprise. End your reliance on printing, faxing, and mailing.

Create Perfect Fillable Forms
The FormTyper feature converts scanned paper forms into electronic forms you can fill out, save, and send via email. And transparent stamps are ideal for adding scanned signatures.

Protect Sensitive Documents
Safeguard confidential information and ensure compliance with government regulations regarding document security. PaperPort's advanced PDF security features, like passwords and encryption, let you control who can access specific documents.

Capture Information on the Go
No scanner nearby? No problem. Just take a picture of the document with your digital camera. Plus, you can easily convert pictures of documents to usable text.

Works with any desktop scanner
PaperPort makes any all-in-one printer, mobile scanner, or desktop scanner work better, faster and more easily.

Easily Route Documents from MFPs
Get the most out of your investment in networked multifunction printers/copiers. Move mountains of paper to any desktop PC using PaperPort's advanced DesktopDelivery feature.

Manage Documents Across the Network
Scan documents directly to SharePoint for enterprise-wide sharing and archival. Check SharePoint documents in and out from the PaperPort desktop for seamless content and process management.

Folder management
Comprehensive folder management features allow you to organize documents for ease of information access. You can distinguish folders by choosing from 29 colors. Use folder directories to help you locate documents with ease. Attach folder notes and automatically add that information to files as you scan them. Even create multiple folders at once by importing a list of folder names from a text file.

Fast, easy electronic form filling
Create neat, shareable and searchable forms that mirror paper originals in minutes. Extensive control over form elements ensures perfect forms every time. With PaperPort's FormTyper feature, you will never have to fill out another form by hand. FormTyper automatically recognizes check boxes and identifies the form fields so you can quickly tab to the next fillable field, type in the information, and print, save or e-mail the completed form. PaperPort's transparent stamps are perfect for adding scanned signatures. It's faster and cheaper then faxing or mailing. And you never have to worry about illegible handwriting!

Locate important folders immediately
PaperPort Professional allows you to bookmark your commonly used folders so you can get to your documents right away. A "back" button makes it easy to revisit recently viewed folders eliminating wasted time navigating to information.

Find documents instantly using standard search engines
Because PaperPort saves all your scanned documents and electronic files as fully searchable PDF files on your digital desktop, finding what you need is always fast and easy. All you have to do is enter keywords or phrases into Windows Desktop Search or Google to quickly locate a specific file on your computer or shared network.

Indexing on your schedule
PaperPort Professional's flexible Index Manager allows you take advantage of non-peak processing times by scheduling when and how PaperPort will convert all your image files to searchable documents using the built-in OmniPage Search Indexer.


Easily Gather and Share Documents

In today's business environment, you can't work in a vacuum. Email provides a fast and convenient way to review and approve documents within a workgroup, or with people outside your organization. PaperPort Professional 12 works with your current email system to enhance the digital review process by converting Word and other editable documents into more secure PDF files which can be read and annotated, but not edited. No more email bottlenecks, file compatibility issues, or confidentiality risks. At last you can share documents simply and securely, while making it easy for colleagues and customers to provide their feedback.

Scan efficient, small color PDF files for sharing
Scanning and sharing color PDF files can be a daunting task. Each page of a typically scanned color PDF file can be over a megabyte in size. If you are scanning several color pages or more, the size can be too large to send that file through email. PaperPort Professional now uses PDF-MRC High Compression Technology to turn a 15MB color file into less that 2MB!

Capture review comments with a rich set of annotations
For capturing review comments, PaperPort supports creating and viewing annotations within PDF files, including sticky notes and highlights, as well as straight and free-form lines. Text boxes provide full control over text and box attributes.

Dynamic and transparent stamps
PaperPort's dynamic stamps automatically include author, date and time. Transparent stamps are ideal for adding scanned signatures to documents to indicate approval.

PDF security features
Advanced security features like passwords and encryption, let you control who can access and/or modify specific documents. This way, you can share documents without risk of confidentiality breaches or unauthorized modifications.

Capture web pages as PDF
Capture Web pages as PDF files, providing a full-color duplicate for use offline. This is a great way to store a permanent record of a Web site or speed up Web-based research. It's also ideal for sharing Web pages as PDF attachments instead of sending a link that requires connectivity to the Web. Captured Web pages look exactly like they would if you had sent them to your printer, so it's perfect for saving copies of receipts from web purchases without wasting paper.

Section 508 and Microsoft Windows XP certified
PaperPort Professional meets Section 508 standards, established by the US government to make software accessible for people with disabilities. Plus, it's certified for use on the Microsoft Windows XP operating system.

SendTo document workflow
You can e-mail, fax or send your documents to repositories on a networked file server with a simple drag-and-drop onto the PaperPort SendTo Bar. The PDF file format combined with the SendTo Bar makes it easy to distribute documents in a form that is viewable and printable on any computer around the world.

Seamless movement of files between PC and ECM systems
PaperPort Professional lets you quickly move or scan files between individual desktops to document management repositories such as Microsoft SharePoint.

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