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Sony BDV-E490 Blu-ray Home Theatre System(1 Year Sony Official Warranty)

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Product Description

Cinema Sound

It's not just about great pictures, is it? Sound is half the story and with this home theatre system you get sound to make movies come alive. Multiple speakers including two tallboy side speakers, a powerful subwoofer, an array of Dolby audio features. Every squeal of tyres, shotgun blast and alien shriek will have you jumping in your seat.

Join the Cast in 3D

Go on, try it. Put on a favourite movie. See how the action jumps right out of the screen then pulls you in so you feel like one of the cast. This Blu-ray system opens up an exciting new experience for you, playing brilliantly detailed 3D Blu-ray films.

Discover High Definition

There's nothing like Blu-ray for clarity and realism. See every blade of grass in perfect definition, all the detail in dark scenes and colours as vivid as those in the real world. Five times sharper than DVD. You need to be involved.

Upscale Your DVDs

Time to give those old DVD movies a new lease of life. Slot them in your Blu-ray system and enjoy them in near HD quality.

Forget Cables

Just connect a USB Wireless LAN adaptor to this Wi-Fi ready system and you're ready to take advantage of worlds of online entertainment. Access on demand services, share photos and music, stream content from your PC. Not a wire in sight.

Entertainment Unlimited

Go to Sony Entertainment Network and find all the films, songs, TV shows and apps you need. Be entertained on your terms. You choose the content, you choose the time, you take control.

Connect and Play

Simply connect your digital camera, flash drive or hard disc to one of two USB ports and play slideshows, movies and music through your Blu-ray system and TV. So easy.

The perfect choice to experience stunning 3D movies.
The perfect choice to experience stunning 3D movies.
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Cinema Sound

On the edge of your seat

Don't you just love being so scared you get goosebumps all over your arms? Or so thrilled by a car chase, your legs can't stop twitching? Being so breathtaken by an on screen romance, you find yourself reaching for the tissues? This is why we watch movies and sound is a huge part of the experience. There's just nothing like being perched on the edge of your seat, waiting for the crack of a twig in the woods behind you.

Unbelievable power with tallboys

When you watch movies, you want power. It's the only way to appreciate the intense realism of a 3D High Definition film. So let's talk 1000 watts, five atmospheric surround sound speakers including two slim but mighty tallboy side speakers and a bass subwoofer for those thumping rotor blades and laser cannons. Go on, slip in a disc. You'll be hovering in your seat waiting for the next bang, crash, crunch.

Precise Sound

Choose from one of five pre programmed sound modes including 'Movies', 'Sport' and 'Live'. Get the best possible audio for that car chase through Manhattan, that football match in the Nou Camp, and that Foo Fighters concert at Wembley Stadium. You also get a purer sound from your MP3s and music you've streamed to your system with a built-in audio enhancer.

So cinematic

Be ready for the complete cinema experience everytime you put on a film. This system gives you a full array of essential Dolby technologies including Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio and DTS-HD Master Audio. That's a lot of techno but what does it mean? Sound as the director intended, intense realism and totally absorbing surround sound. It's great for gaming too.

Watch and listen to your favourite DVDs like never before in near HD quality.
Watch and listen to your favourite DVDs like never before in near HD quality.
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Join the Cast in 3D

Action stations

It's Friday night, you've had a hard week and now you just want to be taken away somewhere and thrilled. So you dim the lights, put on your 3D glasses and load up one of your all-time favourite movies. A car shoots by on your left. You jump to the right. Someone steps out towards you and throws out an arm. You duck. Trees seem to be swaying right before your eyes and that police helicopter just seems to keep on coming. OK, so you get the picture. When you watch 3D high definition, you're no longer a spectator, you're part of the movie, one of the cast. It's an unforgettable experience.

Pair this system with a Sony 3DTV like the 'HX753' for a Full High Definition 3D experience you won't forget anytime soon...

Discover High Definition

Extraordinary detail

You've been loyal to your DVD collection and that's commendable but in your heart you know now is the time to move to Blu-ray. Your mates have told you how good it is. Five times the picture quality, ten times the sound quality. You've seen it in action at your local pub and you've been impressed by the clarity, the realism, the sharply defined details. Dark scenes no longer lost in shadow. Colours as vivid as those in the real world. It's time your favourite movies got the Blu-ray treatment, right?

Upscale Your DVDs

New lease of life for old favourites

What about all those DVDs in the cupboard, you ask? Slot them in your Blu-ray system and you can enjoy them in near HD quality. Not only does your Blu-ray play them perfectly, it also makes them sharper with more detailed and colour. The golden oldies will come to life with a level of realism that simply wasn't there before.

Content on demand including catch up TV, films and music from the Sony Entertainment Network.*
Content on demand including catch up TV, films and music from the Sony Entertainment Network.*
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Forget Cables

The new way is wireless

There was a time when the back of a telly looked like a snake pit with wires trailing here, there and everywhere. Things are changing. This player is Wi-Fi Ready so you can connect a USB Wireless LAN adaptor, forget about cables and link up with your home network over the airwaves. It makes so much sense.

Entertainment Unlimited

Movies, music and more

Heard about Sony Entertainment Network? It's a place you can go to find all the films, songs, TV shows and apps you need. Stuck for something to do on a Friday evening? Choose from all the top HD movies and stream them straight to your Blu-ray player. Music collection need an injection of fresh blood? There's over 15 million songs to choose from on Music Unlimited. How about some apps for games, sport, news and weather? All there at your fingertips.

So much fun online

Access on demand services and catch-up TV including BBC iPlayer and Demand 5 from Sony Entertainment Network. Go on YouTube and watch your first attempts on a surfboard last summer. Watch the latest blockbuster films from Video Unlimited on pay per view and connect with friends and family on Facebook. There's also Netflix and Lovefilm for unlimited films and TV shows via their subscription services. There's even a BBC Sports app for simultaneous sporting events like Wimbledon, so you can watch the action on every court. All without a wire between you and the world wide web and controllable from just one remote and one Sony Entertainment Network portal. How simple is that.

Share around your home

Install Home Stream on your computer and you can stream your downloaded films and music to your TV. Search for 'Sony Homestream' in Google to get started.

Connect your USB memory stick to share photos, watch films and listen to music.
Connect your USB memory stick to share photos, watch films and listen to music.
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Connect and Play

It's as easy as USB

You've got to admit, USB drives are handy. So small yet they store so much. Slot one into your Blu-ray system and you can play photo slideshows of your deep sea fishing adventure, video of your brother's wedding and rock anthems you've downloaded. It's also another easy way to get stuff off your PC and onto your TV, if wireless streaming is all a bit too complicated for you. This system includes two USB ports so you can be entertained from a USB drive while staying connected to the Internet.

Control with your iPhone

Includes a handy dock for your iPod or iPhone so you can playback music, video and photos on your TV. Is there anything your iPhone can't do these days?

Linking up with your TV

It's so quick and easy with an HDMI cable and even better, this gives you the best possible picture and sound quality. One cable HDMI connection minimises trailing wires in your home and allows you to take advantage of convenient features such as BRAVIA Sync for operating your TV and Blu-ray player from just one single remote.

Saves Space

All in one

It gets busy down there under your telly, especially if you insist on having a separate Blu-ray player and home cinema amp. Better to get it all in one and saves some precious space. You'll find it also matches up with new BRAVIA televisions perfectly.

* Image for illustration purposes only. Video content available subject to change. All Rights Reserved. Broadband router required to access internet services. Sony recommends a minimum speed of 2Mbps for Standard Definition content and 4Mbps for High Definition content. Please contact your internet service provider for further information.

Product Description

BDV-E490 Home Cinema System. Big on movies? Get the big cinema sound with two tall speakers. Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc Player, 5.1 surround sound with two tall speakers, 1000W, iPhone/iPod dock. Get HD surround sound plus 2 tall speakers. Go online for catch-up TV, movies, music and more. Watch High Definition movies in 3D.


Surround sound system including two tallboy speakers delivering a crystal clear sound experience.

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