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Xiaomi Bluetooth Headset (Black)

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Product Description

Note: For Blue Colour Mention In Comments 

For special design device has received a prestigious German IF Design Award 2015

IF Design Award - one of the most prestigious international awards in the field of industrial design. Presence of this award indicates a compliance with the highest international standards. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Sony, Samsung and other companies have won this award.

Headset from solid body, anti-oil coating

Bluetooth-headset is always needed to be carried with you, so it is wearing out quite quickly, with different scratches appearing on it. In order to ensure a longer-lasting, excellent look of our headset we used an international first-class brand – paint from Japanese manufacturer Musashi, which is characterised by its durability and anti-oil qualities. If your headset becomes dirty, you can easily clean it.

3 types of headset (caps) from a special medical grade silicone

Design is based on samples of 2000 forms of ears

Improved speakers, silicon microphone

Reliable components, manufactured individually for this Bluetooth headset. Starting from a chip Mi Bluetooth Headset and up to the wireless profile of Headset, speakers and all other parts have become even more advanced. High level of noise reduction, clear voice sounding.

High frequency of headset speakers

For a clear and pure sound of Mi Bluetooth headset, we paid a special attention to create a moving coil of the speaker that enhances frequency of human voice and sound quality in general. By correcting structure of the headset, on its sound output, hole narrows to 3mm, so we are raising level of noise reduction and voice becomes more stable and precise.

Support for the latest version of Bluetooth 4.1, compatible with 4G network

Support for advanced version Bluetooth 4.1, a solution to the problem with interference between work of the usual Bluetooth and 4G internet. The new Bluetooth 4.1 has an automatic noise reduction, besides it is possible to simultaneously connect two phones to the Bluetooth headset. Using a first-class chip CSR8610 from the world's leading provider of Bluetooth chips CSR, England - stable and reliable performance and compatibility.

CSR8610 Bluetooth chip

Noise reduction chip


Low power consumption

Support for 2 simultaneous devices
Health safe

Silicon microphone, high level of noise reduction, clear voice sounding

Voice sound quality in headset with a silicon microphone is far better than the usual one for the Bluetooth headset. Mi Bluetooth Headset has a high level of noise reduction, high sensitivity and a more powerful anti-jamming feature. Usage of silicon microphone of high performance gives better sound recovery and distinctive transmission of each word.

It is a small device with a very broad scope 

While you are driving, press button to answer. Avoid potentially hazardous situations, if you will be driving a car with one hand, and the other – is taking a call. At the same time supports the "voice" of navigation, so no longer needs to worry about that because of the loud music in the car, when you would not hear navigation instructions and choose a wrong path.

5 hours of talk time

Week of work in standby mode

Simultaneous connection of 2 devices

Life expectancy - 5 million rounds of charges

> 99% compatibility with all brands of phones / tablets

Works in a temperature conditions from -20 ° C to + 70 ° C

Reliable electronic components from leading manufacturers: Sony, Jabra

In Mi Bluetooth headset is not only optimized by functions and design, but also with a decreased weight of the device to 6.5gramm. Improved internal parts of the headset, which are supplied by England, Japan, Taiwan, and other world's leading suppliers of components for headsets. Including Jabra, JAWBONE, Sony and other leading manufacturers for Bluetooth headset components.

Chip CSR

Suppliers: Jabra, Samsung

Antenna: Taiwan Walsin Technology Corporation (WTC)

Suppliers: Sony, Samsung

Silicon Microphone: NeoMems Technology

Suppliers: HTC, Sony

Capacitance and inductance: Murata, Japan

Battery: Taiwan Xing Energy

Suppliers: Sony, Toshiba


Manufacturer Xiaomi
Wireless Interface Bluetooth 4.1
Bluetooth chip: CSR8610
Squelch +
Support to connect 2 devices at the same time: +
Temperature conditions from -20 ° C to + 70 ° C
Opening hours of talk time 5 h.
Opening hours of standby time 180 h.
Communication distance 10 m
The life cycle of the battery 5 million rounds of chargers
Full charge 2 h.
Dimensions 5.6 cm(Height) × 1.0 cm(Diameter)
Weight 6.5 grams

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