Run Time: The minimum fog volume setting running time is up to 24 hours /

the maximum fog volume setting running time is the most 10 hours.

Tank Capacity : 3L

Ideal Room Size : Medium to Large

Average Humidity Output : 5.3 fl•oz•/hr

US Power Consumption:110V 50Hz 22W

EU Power Consumption:220V 50Hz 22W

Sound Level : <35 dBA

Size: 205*205*270mm

Materials:ABS, PS

How To Use:

  • Check that the equipment is completely clean, and the power knob is in the OFF position, and the power cord is not connected to the power outlet.
  • Open the water tank and add water
  • Do not fill water all the way to the rim.
  • Screw the cap back on and put the water tank, top upwards, back to the base of the unit, making sure it is properly secured in place.
  • Connect the equipment to a power outlet.
  • Use the power Knob to turn the unit ON by moving the knob clockwise.
  • The night light illuminates when the unit is ON and the vapor will start to vent.
  • Use the adjustable mist knob to control the required vapor flow.
  • To turn the unit OFF, turn the knob counterclockwise. The night light will turn off when the unit is OFF.
  • When the water tank is empty, the humidifier stops automatically.


  • After removing all packaging materials, ensure that the humidifier has not been damaged during transportation.
  • To avoid injury, keep packaging materials (plastic bags, cardboard boxes etc.) within the reach of children.
  • Before connecting the equipment, ensure that the rated voltage (120 V) corresponds to the main voltage supply of the electrical outlet.
  • To avoid the risk of fire, shock or injury, do not use additional power strip adapters or extension cords.
  • Only place the humidifier on a flat and stable surfaces.
  • Only use clean, cool, tap, filtered, or distilled water to fill the water tank.
  • Do not use hot water. Do not add salt, fragrance, essential oils, medication, or descaling tablets to water.
  • Do not operate on wood or other water-sensitive surfaces, as condensation may occur.
  • Do not leave humidifier unattended in a closed room during use, as the air could become too saturated and leave condensation on furniture or walls.
  • Always disconnect the equipment from the power outlet when left unattended or not in use.
  • Before performing any cleaning or maintenance, disconnect the equipment from the power outlet.
  • This product is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children.
  • This equipment is a household humidifier, for indoor use only.
  • Do not operate it outdoors.
  • Do not use accessories, spare parts or any component not supplied or approved by the manufacturer.


  • Never touch the equipment with wet or damp hands.
  • Do not move, tilt, or tip humidifier during use otherwise it may cause water leakage.
  • If the equipment is damaged and/or not working properly, turn the unit off by disconnecting the plug from the power outlet.
  • Never submerge the equipment in water or any other liquid.
  • Do not touch the equipment if it accidentally falls into the water.
  • Do not let the vapor directly flow towards furniture or electrical appliances.
  • Do not touch the ultrasonic transducer with your hands or tools while the unit plugs in.
  • Do not operate the humidifier without water.
  • Do not attempt to empty or fill the tank while the unit plugs in.
  • Clean and dry the humidifier at the end of every operating cycle.
  • Dispose of any accessories and/or the equipment at an appropriate collection point as required by state regulations.