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Gree GF-24FW 2.0 Ton Floor Standing Air Conditioner



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Product Description


  • Vertical Cross flow fan with Even air supply
  • Sensitive touch buttons
  • Even Thermal Field with heating from bottom to top.
  • Power correction technology by software
  • State of the art chip module.
  • G10 Technology
  • Ultra Low Frequency Technology
  • Intelligent Rotary Air Swing
  • U Shape Evaporator
  • Cross Flow Fan
  • High Density Antibacterial Filter



Different comfortable sleeping modes allow you to have a sound sleep without losing moisture from the skin, keeping the body fresh.

Mode 1: Indoor temperature automatically rises

Mode 2: After sleeping research on the relation between sleep and the change of rhythm of human body, we set up a sleeping temperature-time database. Under this mode according to the set model before sleeping, microcomputer of the air conditioner judges automatically and instructs the unit to run according to the present temperature-time database

Mode 3: You design your own sleep temperature curve to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

The Comfortable Sleeping Mode comes with ‘I Feel’ – a special feature that senses the internal temperature of the room, sends the message to the indoor unit and the air conditioner adjusts its temperature according to the requirement.


The wireless remote controller is equipped with a sensor that enables it to sense the temperature of the surrounding and transmits the sensed temperature information to the indoor unit. The indoor unit acts accordingly providing a comfortable internal environment. Intelligent temperature control presents a more precise and cozy environment and saves more power.


Golden Fin Condenser is made with anti-corrosion design and better hydrophilic coating ensuring a longer life of the air conditioning unit. Being equipped with a special anti-rust gold coating on the aluminum fins, it ensures that the condenser surface is always free of corrosion and the AC performs like new. This also ensures that the surface is always corrosion free thereby giving a longer life to the AC.



Catechin filter is developed using catechin, a bioflavonoid in green tea with antiviral/antioxidant qualities, features deodorization and anti-bacterial properties that last up to 10 years or more with proper maintenance. It can effectively eliminate 95% of carcinogenic agents causing diseases such as food poisoning, pneumonia, typhoid etc.



Lower voltage start up enables the compressor to start operating with a low current input and does no harm to the PCB Board.

With low voltage start up, the air conditioner performs well even in electricity fluctuation situations that Pakistan faces during summer season.


(Switched-mode power supply)

A switched-mode power supply (SMPS) is actually a power converter that transmits power from a source (a battery or the electrical power) to the air conditioner with ideally no losses.

Maintains the desired output voltage.




Multiple speeds of the fan enable you to set the air conditioner according to the temperature requirement of the surrounding


Magic mirror is a circular dial for better display of temperature. It adds to your convenience and also makes the AC look stylish


Wide angle louvers for four dimension air outlet so that you enjoy the comfort of air conditioning everywhere in the room


Comfortable and stylish LED display add to the convenience of the user


Gree air condoners’ are made on special Quite Design that makes noise only below 20 db, so that you experience a noise-free cool environment in your home





You can set the on or off time of the air conditioner so that it runs according to your cooling requirements


Traditional defrosting program works by setting timer e.g. defrosting process is on for 10 minutes in every 50 minutes. Defrosting is only performed when needed which reduced energy waste by eliminating the un-needed defrosting process.


Time is shown through a digital clock on the wireless remote controller


When the air conditioner is switched off, it stays clean by continuing to dry the wet fins internally, which protects it against bacteria and mildew growing, giving a brand new performance everyday


In case of any error in the air conditioner, the internal system indicates the type of error through numbers. Self-diagnosis function makes the maintenance of the air conditioner easier for you


U-type inner groove copper pipe provides an improved refrigerant flow state, and makes highly efficient and steady cycle. Also, the heat exchanging efficiency and anti-defrosting efficiency of the heat exchanger is greatly improved.


The outer panels of the air conditioner is easily removable and washable to ensure clean body of the air conditioner


Unit remembers the operations before power failure and automatically returns to previous set operations when power restored

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