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Hitachi BD-W70MSP Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

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Product Description



  • BIG DRUM 510
  • Dual Vibration Control System
  • 1000r/min
  • Remaining Time Indicator
  • 14 Washing Programmes
  • 5 Optional Menus
  • Anti-Bacterial Shower Lifter
  • 3D Sensor Control Wash
  • 180 degree Open Door
  • Inteligent Sensor System
  • Self Cleaning Drum
  • Anti-Vibration Side Walls
  • Standby Power Zero W
  • Auto power off
  • Fully Auto Restart
  • Child Look


Front Load Washing Machines

Dual Vibration Control System
Thanks to innovative anti-vibration technologies developed in Japan, Hitachi's unique, quiet, anti-shake washing machines transmit hardly any vibrations. The 4-Ply Liquid Load Balancer and Hydraulic Suspension combine to provide exceptionally quiet operation from start to finish.


4-Ply Liquid Load Balancer
If the items in the drum become unevenly balanced, liquid inside the 4-Ply chamber moves to the opposite side of the load to offset the imbalance. Making the drum better balanced in this way dramatically reduces vibrations.



High-Damping Hydraulic Suspension
Two oil pressure suspensions, just like the system used in automobiles, support the drum and flexibly change the degree of damping to match the amplitude of vibrations to dramatically reduce them.


Big Drum 510
The bigger diameter of a front loading washer drum, the more effectively dirt in fibers is removed. With Hitachi's Big Drum 510 front loading washer, clothes are lifted up to the top of the large 510mm diameter drum and dropped down to provide a powerful beat washing effect. The beading pattern on the drum also provides a washboard effect to thoroughly clean clothes.



Self Cleaning Drum
Inner drum holes are precisely arranged so that water passing through them always uniformly sprays the entire surface of the outer drum to keep it free of dirt and detergent residue. As a result, the outer drum is cleaned every time you spin-dry.



3D Sensor Control Wash
The 3D Vibration Sensor, Load Sensor and Revolution Sensor work together to detect the fabric type and wash load, and control drum rotation speed to maximize the beat washing effect. The Load Sensor also controls the amount of water used to match the load size.


Heavy items (jeans, bath towels, sweatshirts)
Drum rotation speed is increased to lift up items to the top for more powerful beat washing.



Light items (shirts, underwear, baby clothes)
Drum rotation speed is reduced to prevent items rotating too fast and sticking to the drum and to provide the optimum beat wash effect.



Advanced Direct Drive Inverter
Advanced Direct Drive Inverter operation enables a further reduction in noise and energy demands. The use of a 56-pole inverter motor produces high torque while maintaining whisper-quiet operation.



Intelligent Sensor Systems for Eco-Friendly Operation



3D Vibration3 Sensor
Detects drum motion in three dimensions (up/down, left/right, forward/back), determines the type of fabric being washed, and working with the Revolution Sensor, controls drum rotation speed to minimize vibrations at all times.


Load Sensor
Detects the size of the load and determines the amount of water to use, the wash time, and even when to switch the heater on for optimum energy-saving operation. It also determines drum rotation speed to ensure more efficient washing.


Water Temperature Sensor
Constantly monitors water temperature to maintain the set temperature and prevent energywasting overheating. If you select the Cold Water temperature setting in Cotton program, the sensor also detects the temperature of the tap water and sets the optimum washing time.


Revolution Sensor
Constantly monitors drum rotation speed during washing and spin-drying, working with the 3D Vibration Sensor to maintain optimum rotation speed.


Foam Detection Sensor
Detects excessive foam generated when too much detergent is used. When too much foam is detected, water is poured on to eliminate it and maintain normal operation.


Water Level Sensor
Sets the optimum water level to match the load while constantly monitoring conditions to prevent water wastage.


User-Friendly Functions


180 degree Open Door and Large 33cm Diameter Opening
For extra convenience the door opens 180 degree, so it doesn't get in the way when you load and unload items. The 33cm diameter opening also enables easy loading and unloading of items.



Child Lock
To prevent accidental operation by children, this disables the operation buttons and dial, and also locks the door.



Auto Power Off
When the washing machine finishes operating, power is automatically switched off, so there's no need to switch power off manually.

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