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Merlin Solar Car Sun Shade with Fan

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Product Description

The World's First Car Sun Shade with Cooling Fans

The Solar Sun Shade is an original product from Merlin that combines technical ingenuity with innovation. The Solar Sun Shade is a car reflector that has solar powered fans embedded in it. Simply attach the Solar Sun Shade to your windscreen and the fans will automatically start rotating. The left fan allows for air to be sucked into your vehicle whereas the right fan pushes the air out, creating cross ventilation that reduces heat in the vehicle by 30%!


  • Reflector blocks out harmful rays 
  • Solar powered rotating fan reduces internal heat 
  • Durable and portable


The Solar Sun Shade is an Merlin original and a truly remarkable addition for your vehicle. The genius is in the simplicity of the idea and makes you wonder why no one thought of it before. It seems like the natural place for a solar powered fan should be inside a vehicle, yet the ingenuity lies in there not being simply a fan that blows hot air at you, which would be the case if the inside of your vehicle already feels like a furnace. No, it would make more sense to create a system in which any heat that is not blocked by the reflector is pushed out which is where the rotating fans fit in.

Science and innovation: 

The Solar Sun Shade has two suction cups that attach to the windshield of your car with the solar panels facing outwards. By absorbing the rays from the sun the solar panels power the fans with renewable energy so that they immediately start rotating when your car is parked out in the sun. The Solar Sun Shade is an ingenious device because aside from harmful sun rays that are already being reflected away from your car, heat is further reduced by the solar fans to keep your car cooler than any other sun shade on the market. 

How it works

There are two fans on the Solar Sun Shade, both moving in different directions. You will have to open your car windows for only a fraction. By doing this the left fan on the reflecter will suck air in from outside. As the air is coming in the other fan will then push the air outside. This cross ventilation system works because the air from outside the car is already significantly cooler than the inside of the air, and the constant expelling of air will ensure that the heat does not build up within the vehicle itself. Get the Solar Sun Shade and make sure sweltering summers are a thing of the past.


In Depth: 
Foldable Aluminum Foil Sun Visor Shield Reflective
Fan: 12 x 12 cm (x2)
Solar Panel 13 x 16 cm (x2)
Power Supply:
12 volts - 20 watts

Dimensions: 135 x 74 cm

Weight: 770 g

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