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Nikon 1 S1 10-30 KIT

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Product Description

Portability and High Quality

Essence of ease, power and beauty

Turn the pleasures of everyday life into extraordinary images with the Nikon 1 S1. Just switch it on. From that instant, you're ready to capture magical pictures and movies. The more deeply you explore its remarkable features, the more inspiration you'll discover. From its smart design that lets you shoot intuitively to its advanced technology that allows you to grow as a photographer, the Nikon 1 S1 is everything a great camera should be.

New image processing engine EXPEED 3A

The Nikon 1 S1 is equipped with the processing engine EXPEED 3A together with the super high-speed AF CMOS image sensor in CX format, all in an exceptionally small, lightweight body. EXPEED 3A is a brand new engine that quickly processes data received from the CX format CMOS sensor and realizes high image quality. It also lets you take advantage of functions unique to Nikon 1 such as high-speed continuous shooting, Smart Photo Selector, and simultaneous shooting of stills and movies.


Super high-speed AF CMOS image sensor

With 10.1 effective megapixels and an ISO sensitivity from 100 to 6400, the Nikon 1 S1's CX format CMOS image sensor renders high-resolution images—even those shot under very low light. With no optical low-pass filter employed, the sensor delivers higher-definition images. Incorporating Nikon's advanced hybrid AF system, this image sensor achieves exceptionally fast and accurate autofocus.

More choice. More color to life.

Choose from an ample range of colors to suite your lifestyle and personality. The Nikon 1 S1 body comes in five distinct colors of black, pink, red, white, and khaki. The colors of the lenses match the body when purchased in a kit so you can enjoy a cool, unified look.

Capture Special Moments

Advanced hybrid autofocus system with wide coverage of phase-detection AF

The Nikon 1 S1 automatically selects between two types of AF to capture sharp images. For sports and other fast-action scenes, phase-detection AF comes into play. With its wide coverage of 73 autofocus points, the Nikon 1 S1 quickly tracks, brings into focus, and captures fast-moving subjects. When you shoot under low light, contrast-detect AF activates to reveal subtle details in the scene.

 Area covered by phase-detection AF + contrast-detect AF (73 AF points)

 Area covered by contrast-detect AF (135 AF points)

Phase-detection AF / Contrast-detect AF

High-speed continuous shooting for fast-action scenes

Get 15 sharp autofocused images from 1 second of action! When your subject is in motion, continuous shooting mode works with the camera's phase-detection AF to track movement and keep the subject in focus. The moment you press the shutter-release button, the camera captures razor-sharp images at 15 frames per second (fps). The Nikon 1 S1's continuous shooting mode can shoot even faster when the subject is stationary (imagine a golfer's swing). In this case, you can set the camera to shoot at up to 60 fps!

Number of frames shot per second

  • Compared to the cameras of other makers, the Nikon 1 S1 captures more number of shots in one second while tracking the subject with autofocus.
  • Note: Maximum number of pictures in high-speed continuous shooting mode: approx. 15 at 15 fps, 30 fps and 60 fps

Best Moment Capture

Slow view lets you locate the best shot

Fast-motion scenes are tricky to capture. Even for seasoned professionals knowing exactly when to shoot is hard. Slow view on the Nikon 1 S1 is an eye-opening solution. When you half-press the shutter-release button, the camera shoots continuously, capturing as many as 15 frames in a few seconds. When you look on the LCD monitor, you'll see the action occurring in slow motion. Once you see an image you like, just fully depress the shutter-release button—the precise moment is yours!

Never miss the perfect moment with Smart Photo Selector

What if the perfect moment occurs after you press the shutter? No worries! With Smart Photo Selector, the Nikon 1 S1 will start shooting as soon as you half-press the shutter-release button and it will continue shooting for a few moments after you release the button. In this mode, the camera records up to 15 frames and then automatically selects either your 5 best shots or No. 1 best shot—your choice—to save. The result? No more worries about missing a great shot due to the subject blinking or falling out of frame, or your hand shaking.

Images are recorded before and after you engage the shutter-release button + Nikon 1 selects your best shot(s) to save

Motion Snapshot turns the still pictures into a moving memory

Give everyday snapshots a newfound feeling of drama by combining a still image with four seconds of slow-motion movie. The combination, which comes with music, turns into transcendent memories that you will treasure over the years. Creating Motion Snapshots requires no editing. To choose a tune to go with your Motion Snapshot, listen to the preselected music samples before you shoot and make your selection from the multi selector. If you decide to change or delete the music later, it's easy. To ensure that the slow-motion movie is sharp and clear, the Nikon 1 S1 is equipped with e-VR, an electronic vibration reduction system, which identifies and compensates for blur.

The Movie, Reveals the Passage of Time x The Still, Exposes a Moment in Time

More ways to have fun with Motion Snapshot!

You can make a one-of-a-kind movie by combining Motion Snapshots, still images, and movies together. Simply select the files of your choice and play them one after another without any complex editing — now you can enjoy watching the images taken on your vacation right when you walk in the door of your home. 
Use the handy Short Movie Creator software to add your favorite songs and link the images for an original movie of your own.

Superior Operability

Get the most out of the Nikon 1 S1 with feature menu

The Nikon 1 S1 allows you to operate easily and intuitively using the GUI (Graphic User Interface). It boasts a rotating multi selector on the screen that lets you choose the shooting mode of your choice and further options of the feature menu. With the dual selector which can be switched simply by pressing left or right, the abundant features of the Nikon1 S1 are made so easy to access.

GUI operation
Feature menu
Motion Snapshot Mode
Best Moment Capture Mode
Smart Photo Selector
Slow View
Auto Mode
Live Image Control
Creative Mode
Programmed auto
Shutter-priority auto
Aperture-priority auto
Night landscape
Night portrait
Miniature effect
Selective color
Advanced movie mode
HD movie
Slow motion
  • Note: Continuous shooting is not available and a flash cannot be used when live image control is in effect.

Intuitive control through GUI

The GUI (Graphic User Interface) of the Nikon1's LCD monitor is made more simple and easier-to-operate. The mode dial of the Nikon 1 S1 is shown on the LCD monitor for much more intuitive maneuver directly on the screen.

See the special effects with live image control before you shoot

Use live image control to see how different effects look before you shoot. The Active D-Lighting preserves details in highlights and shadows in high-contrast scenes. The motion control creates a sense of movement by blurring a moving object, or captures a moving object clearly by "freezing" it. The background softening makes a subject stand out, or brings both the background and foreground into focus. The brightness control can make your pictures brighter or darker. The results are displayed on the LCD monitor. When you see an effect you like, just shoot. Live image control will turn you into a more creative photographer by making photographic effects easier to see and understand.

Creative mode lets you explore new ways of self-expression

Bring an original artistic touch to your photographs using the special modes on these pages. It's easy. All the work is in your imagination.

Let the auto mode choose your optimal shooting style

This smart Nikon 1 feature frees you from complicated operations, allowing you to concentrate on getting your best shot. For example, the camera automatically detects whether a scene is a portrait, landscape, night portrait, night landscape, close up, or other and selects the setting that will give you optimal results.

Automatic pop-up flash

A built-in i-TTL flash pops up automatically when the camera detects that you're shooting in low light.

Auto distortion control

Turn on the auto distortion control, and you can compensate barrel distortion when using a wide-angle lens, or pincushion distortion when using the telephoto lens.


HD movies with advanced movie mode

The Nikon 1 S1 lets you shoot Full HD movies easily. While shooting a movie, you can also capture a beautiful still image any time by simply pressing the shutter-release button—your movie will continue to record seamlessly. In advanced movie mode, you can shoot Full HD movies in any exposure mode—programmed auto, shutter-priority auto, aperture-priority auto, or manual. After you've shot your scenes, combine them to make an original movie using your Short Movie Creator software or Nikon Movie Editor software.

Time lapse of an extraordinary moment — slow motion

Use slow motion to look inside a high-speed scene and see much more than your eye can catch alone. This powerful Nikon 1 feature captures up to 2.5 seconds of action at either 400 or 1200 fps, and plays it back approximately 30 fps. The resulting slow-motion scene reveals new perspectives on everything from sports to wildlife to people having crazy fun. The only limit is your imagination.

Create and Share

Picture Control for a variety of expressions

Give your photos your own unique touch.
Picture Control allows you to produce particular effects—for example, making your pictures more vivid, portrait-style, or monochrome. Altogether there are 6 settings—standard, neutral, vivid, monochrome, portrait, and landscape.

Don't lose sight of your loved ones—face-priority

The face-priority technology allows you to take photos at special events without fuss.
The camera automatically recognizes and focuses on the subject's face, following them wherever they move. Able to detect a maximum of five faces at a time, it's an extremely convenient function when taking photos at memorable events and parties.

FT1 Mount Adapter for greater access to lenses

One adapter opens the door to the full range of brilliant NIKKOR lenses. 
With the FT1 Mount Adapter, the full range of NIKKOR lenses are available to you. The adapter keeps the F values of your existing F mount NIKKOR lenses intact and delivers the same brightness. Because you can have an angle of view equivalent to the focal length that is approx. 2.7 times that of the F mount NIKKOR lenses, you can use standard lenses as telephoto lenses and telephoto lenses as super-telephoto lenses to get closer to the action. The FT1 Mount Adapter supports the Nikon 1's auto exposure, autofocus* and vibration reduction functions.

  • * Autofocus available only with AF-S NIKKOR lenses. Other restrictions apply. For details, please visit the section on FT1 Mount Adapter on our website.
  • Note: WP-N2 is compatible with SEA&SEA SUNPAK's underwater speedlight YS-D1. For information, please visit SEA&SEA SUNPAK Co., Ltd.'s website.

HDMI output for a big screen experience

Connect your Nikon 1 to an HDTV with an HDMI cable and enjoy seeing your best photos and movies on the big screen. On some televisions*, you can use the TV remote control for easy playback.

  • * Compatible with HDMI-CEC TVs

The shot is just the beginning. Now enhance, create, and share!

Nikon 1 offers many ways to enjoy the special moments you capture. In addition to viewing pictures and movies on large-screen TVs and posting them online from your PC, you can transfer files directly from your camera to your computer and smart devices, as well as to my Picturetown and other social network sites. Handy software is provided for editing and sharing images. Create unique works and share them more easily than you imagine.

Eye-Fi card

Use the Eye-Fi card to transfer photos and movies to a PC or smart device directly from your camera. Just insert the card into the SD card slot and you're ready to go!

ViewNX 2

Your Nikon 1 comes with powerful ViewNX 2 software, which lets you import, view, edit, and share your images and movies. From ViewNX 2, you can login to my Picturetown, Nikon's image sharing and storage service, and upload your creations easily.

Short Movie Creator

Short Movie Creator is a fun and easy way to edit your movies. With this handy software, it only takes minutes to turn photos and movies into an original short movie, complete with special effects and music.

my Picturetown

Nikon's my Picturetown serves as a personal online album for storing, organizing and sharing your photos and movies. And with my Picturetown app, you can access your images from smart devices.

WU-1b Wireless Mobile Adapter*

Expand the potential of your Nikon 1 with the wireless mobile adapter WU-1b Wireless Mobile Adapter†. Just install the software on your smart device and you can directly download images, or use the device as a remote control for the camera's shutter-release button.

  • * Use of WU-1b requires the Wireless Mobile Utility. For details, please read the specifications provided by the application store.
  • † Cannot be used for recording movies, or with Motion Snapshot or Best Moment Capture.

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