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Panasonic NR-D513XB-S8 Mukti door 1700ltr No Frost Refrigerator (1 Year Official Warranty)

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Product Description




Adapts to Save Energy

The fridge automatically switches to ECONAVI
(energy-saving) mode depending on the lifestyle of the user.

*<Test conditions> 
Ambient temperature: 32°C, when the temperature setting of the refrigerator is “MED “.
Door opening / closing frequency: refrigerator compartment 35 times, freezer 7 times.
Insert load: freezer compartment 750 g test package, refrigerator compartment 2.0 L water compared to non-econavi function models. Panasonic in-house data.




Efficient Cooling and Waste Reduction

The ECONAVI refrigerator monitors the level of lighting and temperature in the room, when and how often the fridge doors are opened, and the fridge’ s internal temperature. It analyzes and responds to this information to maintain ideal cooling and avoid wasting energy.




Energy Saving and Powerful Cooling

With the non-inverter type, temperature is regulated by switching on and off, but with a high-efficiency inverter, temperature is automatically adjusted to the optimum level in accordance with conditions. This eliminates waste, saves energy, and enables both high-speed cooling and quiet operation.



Energy Saving and Powerful Cooling

Efficient Cooling and Waste Reduction





Fridge on Top

Looking at the average consumer's refrigerator use, we found that 70 % of time is spent using the refrigerator compartment and only 30 % using the freezer compartment. We therefore placed the refrigerator compartment on top and the freezer at the bottom. This new eye-level accessibility is more convenient.





Hygiene Solution

Each component of the system works to eliminate food odors and suppress the growth of mold and other bacteria while circulating cold air throughout the fridge.
The interior forms a total system to maintain cleanliness and keep foods fresh and delicious.






LED Lighting

Shelves are lit from the front which makes it easier to see what you have.


100 kg Tempered Glass Shelves

Strong and clean tempered glass shelves that can withstand loads as heavy as 100 kg. Heavy loading of food can even be done at the top shelves.






60 years of Tradition

Panasonic refrigerators embody the essence of Japanese manufacturing.
Since 1953, eighty million Panasonic refrigerators have been sold in Japan and around the world. To ensure the long and loving support of our customers, we have carried on the steadfast pursuit of easy use and high quality throughout this long history.




Uncompromisingly rigorous testing

Our mission is to furnish refrigerators that are easy to use, tough to break, and which provide long and loyal use.
Toward that end, we are uncompromising in our quality control testing of the technologies that we have cultivated over more than six decades.



Operating Noise Test

Operating noise is tested in an anechoic chamber. Sensitive microphones measure sound levels generated by components like the compressor and fan. Because refrigerators are on day and night, quiet operation is important. Panasonic design helps minimize noise and resonance.


Door Open-Close Durability Test

Over a typical operating life of roughly 20 years, refrigerator doors are opened and closed hundreds of thousands of times. Our Open-Close Durability Test is carried out at temperatures that stress door seals and gaskets. Panasonic testing ensures that all door components will work together flawlessly for many years.


Operating Test in Harsh Conditions

If any Panasonic compressor has a weak point, our high/low temperature testing chamber will find it. High temperatures generate interior condensation to thoroughly verify electrical system integrity. This and other rigorous testing ensures an exceptionally low risk of malfunctioning throughout the product’ s useful life.


Topple Test

Refrigerators are tested for toppling resistance even in worst-case scenarios. Taking into account poor placement locations such as inclined floors, refrigerators are tested to ensure they are resistant to toppling.



Peace of mind, each and every day for 12 years

Panasonic refrigerators carry a 12-year compressor warranty. Our long tradition of strict quality control guarantees a minimum of 12 years of reliable operation.
You can depend on your Panasonic refrigerator, day in and day out. 

* This product is a long-term compressor guarantee applicable product.
* This service does not apply to some Panasonic products.

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