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Rime Lite XB Prime 300W/s Monolight (120V)

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Product Description

Rime Lite’s XB Prime 300W/s Monolight combines very strong specs with wide connectivity and interface options and numerous convenience features which will meet the needs of professionals or any photographer who demands world-class equipment.

The sleek design incorporates a built-in handle to make set up and break-down a breeze as well as a luminescent LCD screen which displays flash and modeling power levels, radio group and ID settings and f/stop, functions and even internal temperature. Power in 1/10 stop increments over an impressive 7.0 full stops is adjusted with intuitive push/dial knobs. The XB Prime's electrolytic aluminum capacitors make super-fast recycling (0.05 - 1.2 sec.) possible. This, combined with its short flash duration (1/2700 sec.), make it ideal for photographing kinetic subjects like actors, dancers or athletes.

If your XB Prime is mounted in a hard to reach place or part of a large set you’ll appreciate the remote control options. An optional Wireless Handheld Controller provides all of the functions available on the back of the head in a wireless handset. The optional ZigBee Wireless System offers 10 channels and 5 lighting zones with remote radio triggering at distances up to 328 feet (99 m). The XB Prime is also compatible with the Rime Lite SWING Wireless System developed for the FAME series heads. With SWING, you can trigger your XB Prime at distances up to 394 feet (120 m).

But your XB Prime flash head doesn't sacrifice accuracy for impressive specs either. The 16,777,216 advanced color space is a perfect match for your digital camera's CCD or CMOS chip, allowing precise reproduction of even the most subtle hues. The special Xenon flash tube adds to the quality of light as does the included frosted dome which is perfect for even light distribution in one of Rime Lite's optional softboxes.

Innovative Design
Design and advanced components provide the fast recycle time, fast flash duration, clean repeatable color temperature and performance that only careful attention to detail and engineering can achieve.
Luminescent LCD Screen
The 2.0" screen displays flash and modeling power levels, radio group and ID settings, f/stop and even internal temperature.
Precision Power Controls
Push/dial adjust knobs provide full to 1/10th stop increment settings for both flash and modeling power levels and quick and easy illuminated function buttons corresponding to the LCD screen.
Wireless Handheld Controller
All of the functions on the LCD screen can be controlled at a distance with the optional Wireless Handheld Controller.
Remote Triggering and Control
The heart of the XB Prime, the optional ZigBee wireless system offers 5 groups (A,B,C,D,E) of lighting zones with up to 10 triggering ID channels. Operating at 2.4 GHz it provides wireless triggering and control up to 328 feet. XB Prime also offers full compatibility with the Rime Lite wireless triggering system, SWING. Comprised of a transmitter and plug-in receiver card, you can shoot up to 394 feet (120 m) away from the flash units wirelessly. Selectable radio frequencies in addition to fast synch speeds (up to 1/250 sec) provide the added security and flexibility demanded by today's pros.
Computer Control
Up to 5 groups with 10 XB Prime monolights per group (total 50 strobes) can be controlled through the PC compatible wireless XB Prime software. Ideal for quick digital workflow studio shoots.
7 Stop Power Output Range
The XB Prime offers a seven stop power range in 1/10 stop increments. Push/dial adjustment knobs provide full to 1/10th increment settings for both flash and modeling power levels. Quick and easy illuminated function buttons corresponding to the LCD.
Full System
the XB Prime series offers more than just controllable, reliable power output and cool features. The really impressive part of the system can be found in the extensive range of light modifiers and lighting accessories available. Quick mount reflectors ranging from snoots to wide beam, grids, barn doors, filter holders and umbrellas are only the beginning of the system. An extensive high quality range of light diffusers ranging from standard square softboxes to strips, octagon, rectangular and the popular Grand, are fully compatible with the XB Prime system.
Advanced Color Space
The XB Prime's color mapping technology enables the rendering of natural color and subtle hues in your subject. And it's digital-friendly as well. The CCD/CMOS chip in your camera is perfectly matched to the flash head's 16,777,216 RGB color space.
Small Powerful Capacitors
The XB Prime's electrolytic aluminum capacitors allow super-fast recycling.
Pyrex Protective Safety Flash Tube Cover
Prevents damage to the fragile flash tube.
Powerful Modeling Light
The included 300W quartz halogen modeling lamp is bright by anyone's standard but if you need more, the XB Prime will accept up to 650W.

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