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Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10400mAh

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Product Description

Battery Power Bank 10400 mAh capacity
Aluminum housing with an integrated battery.
Technology from leading companies LG and Samsung.

Large capacity - 10400 mAh.

First-class lithium-ion battery pack from LG and Samsung adds 10400 mAh duration of the built-in default battery on your smartphone, tablet or digital camera. Powerful Power Bank is able to add up to 2.5 times the operating hours talking about the smartphone Mi 3.

    2.5 times longer than a full charge with a smartphone Mi 3
    4.5 times longer on a full charge compared to the iPhone 5s
    1.5 times longer on a full charge compared to the iPad mini

* Results of testing. Indicators of actual use may vary.


Reliable protection circuit. Nine protective layers, manufactured by Texas Instruments
Adapted speed USB-chip and chip charge / discharge from the company Texas Instruments.
Battery Mi Power Bank not only provides nine protective layers, but also increases the efficiency of the device.

Heat resistance

The mechanism of control humidity levels and temperature ensures the safe operation of lithium-ion batteries.

Overvoltage protection at input

OVR circuit prevents damage to the device from power surges.

Overvoltage protection at the output

By monitoring the output voltage, the device automatically turns off when the voltage exceeds the limit to protect the device.

Short-circuit protection

Automatic protection of the motherboard and the battery in the event of a short circuit.

Protection from improper installation

The definition of improper installation of the charger and automatic termination of charging.

Protection against overcharge and total discharge

To protect the lithium-ion batteries from overcharging and complete discharge Mi Power Bank were used Japanese technology.


The rebooting mechanism

The power button can be used to restart Mi Power Bank in case of problems with the operation.

Overcurrent protection output
By monitoring the output current, the device automatically shuts down to protect the device when the current exceeds the limit.
Protective PTC chips for battery cells
Built-in battery protection circuit RTS for battery cells to effectively control the level of temperature and current, preventing the effects of fluctuations.

Optimized Charge / discharge efficiency to 93conversion rate

World-class chips are characterized not only high reliability, and improve the conversion rate of charge and discharge voltage is stabilized with the help of advanced resistive-capacitive sensors, greatly optimizes efficiency and durability.

Aluminum coating

The elegant textured surface of aluminum
Cover battery manufactured by high precision digital cutting machines. The surface is resistant to corrosion and vodoustoycheva, so is ideal for everyday use.

Simple Design

The buttons and indicators of the world's ports to connect all located on one side of the battery.

The charging port is automatically adapted to the type of cable.

Mi Power Bank automatically adjusts the charging port to the type of cable. The battery is compatible with the devices of the company Mi, Apple, Samsung, HTC, Google and BlackBerry, as well as with a large number of digital cameras and gaming devices.

Smooth edge

Ergonomic and comfortable when you hold in your hands.

The anodizing process

A careful process of anodizing makes the surface more durable and resistant to fading, wear and corrosion.

Battery has passed rigorous testing standards of Mi

The integrity of the cut aluminum surface provides rigidityThe battery can withstand up to 5,000 times the insertion and extraction of micro USBcable. Xiaomi Company does not allow concessions in their tests, so devices that successfully pass the tests in all respectsdeserve special attentionand trust of users.

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