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Price Beating Policy

Be it online or in-store, find a Lower Price and We'll Match It!!

Indeed correct! HomeShopping.pk does not just claim's to have a price meeting & beating policy but we also practice it numerous times for our customers on daily basis, we're committed to providing you with the lowest prices possible and compare our prices on over 20,000 items, so you'll know you're saving!

HSN's Price beating claim!

In simple terms; if any other vendor in Pakistan has the listed product we have, for a lesser price and also giving the same quality, warranty (if taken with warranty) & availability of the product then we are not just willing to match the price but also willing to beat it for you so you never have to worry about our prices being high. Considering the fact that we are managing thousands of products from various departments simultaneously, it is a possibility we have not adjusted the price differentials from our vendors and supply chain, hence if any such price matching claims are made we usually react by matching or beating the price as per our policy

Please, be advised that at times a competitor will advertise a product as having limited time/limited supply/limited quantity or out of stock. If the item is out of stock or the competitor has advertised as limited quantities of an item, it is not eligible for price matching.

How to claim it and get the product at the reduced price ?

Prior making a purchase, simply go to any product you want to  match the price and click on Price Beating button fill the little form and allow us a span of 24 - 48 hours to review and verify the price match request and lower the price for you after which you can place your order at the desired price.

Should you need the product right away and cannot wait for the response time, then just place the order while mentioning the name or link of seller offering the item for a lower price. A contact number of the seller should be provided so we can verify the claim on our end which would also help us not to make pricing errors in the future!